Friday, September 22, 2017

Again, Bill Gates Acknowledges The Combination of Ctrl-Alt-Del Is a Mistake

Bill Gates : Ctrl-Alt-Del Is a Mistake
Bill Gates

Windows users must be familiar with the Ctrl + Alt + Del key combination. This combination is commonly used to access the task manager or lock the computer.

Although still used until now, in fact Bill Gates as co-founder of Microsoft never liked it. In a recent interview, he mentions that if he could go back in time, something might have changed from that combination.

"I'm not sure you can go back in time and change little things in your life without endangering anything else.Of course, if I can make a change, I'll make it a one-key operation," he said as quoted by ZDNet on Saturday (23/09/2017 ).

Similar remarks have already been made in 2013. At that time, he revealed the reason behind the use of a combination of three buttons are engineers at IBM who do not want to give Microsoft one button only.

According to Gates, the combination was designed so that other people or other applications can not log in and steal computer passwords. However, he later called the combination is a mistake.

The Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination is designed by IBM engineer David Bradley. In the early 1990s, the key combination was designed to reboot PC.

Bradley also admitted the combination was indeed found by him. However, according to him, Bill Gates is what makes this combination to be famous.

Bradley initially wanted to use the Ctrl + Alt + Esc key, but since all the buttons were on the left side of the keyboard, the user could accidentally reboot the computer. Moreover from the ergonomic side of the finger, pressing the three buttons with one finger is rather difficult.
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Very fast, iPhone X beat a number of top-class Smartphones

Geekbench multi-core benchmark score of iPhone 8 X
Geekbench multi-core benchmark score of iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X compared to iOS devices (left) and scores of Android devices (right). (Geekbench) - A11 Bionic chips embedded in the trio of new smartphones Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X allegedly have high performance compared to previous A10 chips. A leaked benchmark could show the speed of A11 Bionic even equivalent to 13-inch MacBook Pro.

What if compared with similar devices? 

The official benchmark iOS page on the Geekbench site shows that all three iPhone's are much faster than iPhone 7 or iPad Pro though.

From the results of the Geekbench multi-core test, the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X, the A11 Bionic-powered  bulldoze Android flagship smartphones like the Galaxy S8 (Exynos 8895), Huawei Honor V9 (Kirin 960) and Xiaomi Mi 6 (Snapdragon 835 ).

The third multi-score test score of the new iPhone reaches the range of 10,000 points, compared to Android flagship which is in the range of 6,500 pawn. The third single core score dwells in about 4,000 points, versus 2,000's points for Android flagship.

As summarized Gadgethemes from ZDNet, Saturday  (9/23/2017), the benchmark of Geekbench is putting the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X as three smartphones fastest in the world.

iPhone 8 Plus sits at the top, followed by iPhone 8 in second place and iPhone X in third position with a thin margin.

The A11 Bionic chip uses a 6-core CPU consisting of clusters containing two high-speed cores to run heavy processing and a cluster containing 4 power-saving cores to handle light tasks.

Based on the Geekbench benchmark, A11 Bionic is firmer up to 25 percent in single-core scenarios and 80 percent faster in multi-core testing. This new test is limited to measure the performance of the CPU, not the graphics processor (GPU) A11 Bionic that Apple claims 30 percent faster than A10's GPU.

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IPhone 8 release in Sydney Market, Who is the First Buyers?

Mazen Kourouche, The First Buyer oh IPhone 8 in Sydney
Mazen Kourouche, The First Buyer oh IPhone 8 in Sydney

Today, Saturday, September 23, 2017, iPhone 8 made its debut in the city of Sydney, Australia. The first buyer of iPhone 8 in Sydney was a man named Mazen Kourouche who had been camped in front of the Apple Store store for 11 days.

"There are not too many new features in this phone (iPhone 8)," said Kourouche as less enthusiastic, as summarized Gadgethemes from The Star, (23/09/2017).

But the consumer's response to Apple's latest phone is apparently less encouraging.

Usually, with the launch of the new iPhone, the Apple Store in Sydney is always crowded with hundreds of potential buyers. Now there are only less than 30 people queuing for iPhone 8 before the store is opened.

"The shape is similar to the iPhone 7, but it can record 4K video at 60 frames per second, its back is also made of glass, not metal that seems tougher," Kourouche added.

In addition to its form that has not changed much compared to the iPhone 7, iPhone 8 also fell in the shadow of the iPhone X (ten) that release simultaneously on 12 September.

Prospective new iPhone buyers allegedly restrain themselves and choose to wait for iPhone X is scheduled to release to the market in November, rather than choosing the iPhone 8.

Impact into Apple shares

The less-than-glowing response to the iPhone 8 was also reflected in Apple's stock price that dropped to a two-month low of $ 152.75 a share on Thursday.

Investors worry that the pre-order number of iPhone 8 is lower than previous iPhone models, due to lack of interest.

The iPhone X brings a variety of new features and design changes that are far more radical than the iPhone 8. iPhone X wrapped in glass and stainless steel material, and has a less bezel screen that almost filled the entire face.
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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How to Root Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K


How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SHV-E250K Android 4.4.2 

Mobile Root access on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SHV-E250K LTE is under Android 4.4.2 . In this new post we will teach you all the necessary points How to root the Galaxy Note 2 mobile in the simplest and most effective way you can find so far.

Model Galaxy Note 2 LTE
Version SHV-E250K
OS Android 4.4.2
Processor Exynos4
Hardware Smdk4x12

Root for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices SHV-E250K

Step 1: Download and install your Phone USB driver on your PC.

Step 2: Download Odin tool and CF-Auto-Root file and extract Odin tool & CF-Auto-Root file in the same folder.

Step 3: Switch off your Smartphone

Step 4 : After switching-off the Smartphone, you need to boot into Download Mode. To boot into download mode Press and hold Volume Down, Home Button and Power Button at same time for 5-8 seconds (you have to press and hold the buttons at same time) until download mode is active. 

Step 5 : In the Download mode you will be able to see a Warning Yellow Triangle Sign. In this situation you have to press the Volume up key to continue.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K Warning Sign

Step 6: Now, Open the Odin3 (found in the extracted files, that you have downloaded in the Step #2 ) on your computer. Then connect your Smartphone to the computer.
Open Odin3.07 for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K
Step 7: Once you have connected the Smartphone to the computer, Odin will automatically recognize the device and show “Added” message at the lower-left panel.
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K Added Odin 3.07

Step 8: Once your device detected by Odin, click on the PDA button and select the CF-Auto-Root.tar file (you have downloaded this file in step#2).
Add PDA Odin 3.07 for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K
Odin3.07 PDA file for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K

Step 9: Now, click on the Start button in Odin to begin the Flashing.
Start Odin3.07 Flash Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K
Step 10: Flashing usually takes 30-50 seconds to complete the rooting process on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K. Once Rooting process got completed, you will be able to see a Green Box with Pass written on it in Odin. During this process Smartphone will re-boot automatically. 
Odin3.07 Flash Completed for Samsung Galaxy

Step 11 : Once you see, the Pass message in Odin, you can disconnect your Device from the computer.

STEP 12:  Now, to make sure you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K, open Applications Menu on your Smartphone and Find SuperSU App. If this app exist on your Smartphone then it means you have successfully rooted your device. Congratulations.
SuperSU Installed on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE SHV-E250K

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Download Xiaomi PC Suite 2017 NEW!!


Download the latest version of Xiaomi PC Suite which allows you to easily manage your Xiaomi Smartphone from the Computer.

Xiaomi PC Suite is that the official Phone Manager Application created by Xiaomi, that permits you to simply manage your Xiaomi Smartphone through the Windows Computer and laptop. Here on this page, we've got managed to share the newest version of Xiaomi PC Suite in conjunction with the previous versions.

All Features of Xiaomi PC Suite

- File Explorer
It allows you to easily Manage any file from the device to the computer using the File Explorer. It allows you to Sync Data between the Xiaomi Device and the computer.

- Apps Manager
It allows you to Backup the Existing Applications from your Xiaomi Device and install any 3rd Party App on the device in a single click only. It also allows you to easily remove or uninstall the applications from the device.

- Gallery Manager
It allows you to easily Manage your Device Photos from the Computer itself. You can easily transfer all the Photos to the computer, delete the photos and easily edit them.

- Videos Manager
It allows you to Transfer or view your device Videos from the computer itself. You can also Batch delete the Videos or make the Backup of them on the computer itself.

- Notes Manager
It allows you to read the Notes Entries from the Device. You can easily read and Modify the Existing Entries and add new entries in the Note from your computer.

- Music Manager
It allows you to Listen the existing Music from your Xiaomi device, batch select and Delete the Music, Moving the Music Files from your Device to the Computer or from Computer to the device

- Contacts Manager
It allows you to easily Create, Edit or Delete any Existing contacts from your device. It also allows you to Add Photos to the Contacts, Edit their E-Mails, Add their Birth date, Backing up the contacts on the computer.

- Messages Manager
It allows you to Create New Messages, Edit or delete the existing Messages from the Xiaomi Device. You can easily send the Message to the multiple contacts in a single Go.

- Other Features
It allows you to take the screenshot and Cast the Device screen on the computer. It also allows you to create the Complete backup of your Xiaomi Device, which can be restored anytime.

Download Xiaomi PC Suite

File Name:
Alternative Name: Xiaomi PC Suite
File Size: 36.1 MB

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Monday, August 14, 2017

How to ROOT Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SHV-E230S LTE

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SHV-E230S

Now we're going to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SHV-E230S LTE with Android system 4.4.4

In this tutorial we have gathered all the essential points to root the Galaxy Note 10.1 phone through the most clear and reliable process that can be found today.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SHV-E230S Specification :

Model Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
Version SHV-E230S
OS Android 4.4.4
Processor Exynos4
Hardware Smdk4x12

How to root Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE SHV-E230S

Now we're going to steps rooting :
  • Back up your data file
  • Make sure your Battery at least 60% power.
  • Download USB Drivers and extract. you will see the following file 
    Smsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Make sure USB Debugging is enabled otherwise you won’t able to transfer file between PC and mobile.
  • Switch off your Android.
  • Before we start you need to boot into Download Mode. To boot into download mode Press and hold Zoom Left and Power Buton at the same time for 5-8 seconds until download mode is active.
  • When you going to Download mode you will see the Warning Yellow Triangle Sign. after that you have to press Zoom Right to Continue.
  • The ODIN3 tool is built into the archive of the first download. just open it. 
  • But if for some reason we want to download ODIN, we can do it from the previous link.
  • We access the settings of the phone -> About Phone and press 7 times in succession where it says Build Number to enable the options of the developer.
  • We start ODIN in our pc and will proceed to recognize almost immediately to Galaxy Note 10.1 that we have added, and therefore show us the ADDED line of the Odin3 event in the window.
  • Once your device detected by Odin, click on the PDA button and select the CF-Auto-Root.tar file.
  • We press START and immediately ODIN3 will initiate flashing root files to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SHV-E230S.
  • During the Flashing, on the task we will be shown a progress bar that will be filled once the flashing is finished. With which we can see a window in Odin3 with the letters PASS.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SHV-E230S LTE will reboot with root and we only have to update the SuperSu binaries to complete the process. Find SuperSu App. If this app appear on your Smartphone then it means you have successfully rooted your device.
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Download 041d.dll for Windows 7

Download, Install, Maintenance, Patch, Launch, Execute 041d.dll for Windows 7

The file 041d.dll is a 32bit Windows DLL module for Dimple software or other related programs. The file is also referred as Dimple.dll. The file and the associated Dimple software was developed by Electronic Arts. The file was licensed as Copyright 2000.
041d.dll file is a critical component for the software to work properly and without any dll error messages. You may receive an error message like the ones below that indicates the file is not found, damaged, or the wrong version.
  • This application failed to start because 041d.dll was not found.
  • The file 041d.dll is missing or corrupted.
  • A required component is missing: 041d.dll. Please install the application again.
  • Error loading 041d.dll. The specified module could not be found.
  • The program can't start because 041d.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
  • 041d.dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error.
To fix the error, you need to copy the missing 041d.dll file to your system or replace the corrupted dll file with a working one by following the instructions below. The current version of dll file available on our site is with a size of 16KB.


You can download 041d.dll for free from the download section on this page. After you download the compressed file, unzip it to a convenient location on your computer. In order to fix dll related errors, you need to copy the .dll file to the installation folder of the application or game, or install .dll file directly to Windows (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10).


  • Copy the extracted 041d.dll file to the installation folder of the application or game.
Check if the problem is solved. If the problem persists or you are not sure which software is having problems, install the .DLL file directly to Windows.

  • Copy the file to "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\" (32bit)
  • Copy the file to "C:\Windows\System32\" (64bit)
You can install the .dll file in both system folders without any problems. In order to complete this step, you must run the Command Prompt as administrator.
  • Open the Start Menu and before clicking anywhere, type "cmd" on your keyboard.
  • Right-click the "Command Prompt" search result and click the "Run as administrator" option.
  • Paste the following command into the Command Line window that opens up and press Enter key.
  • %windir%\System32\regsvr32.exe 041d.dll & %windir%\SysWoW64\regsvr32.exe 041d.dll
Download DLL Files Google Drive for Windows 7 HERE
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Friday, August 4, 2017

How To solve Unable to Download File in Google Drive

Google Drive failed
Google Drive is a file hosting site owned by one of the world's largest Technology Companies, Google. The result, making this file hosting speeds upload and download fast and stable.

Unfortunately, Google Drive is minimizing the number of downloads. If it's too much, you can not download it on google drive. For that, here's how to bypass Google Drive download limit!

How To Overcome Unable Download File in Google Drive

When you want to download file in Google Drive ever met with a warning like the picture above? you are subject to download limit. The reason is because within 24 hours many people who access the file, consequently you can not download in Google Drive.

In order for you to access the file, you must follow the Google Drive download bypass limit below.

Steps to Bypass Google Drive Download Limit for Shared File

Step 1

Initial steps, you must have a Google Drive account. If you do not have one yet, you must register first. In the URL field, delete the "& export = download" section, then replace the "uc" with "open".

Step 2

In the top right corner, click "Google Drive + Logo".

Step 3

Once the logo changes, click once again, then click "My Drive".

Step 4

Right click on the file you want to download, then click "Make a Copy".


Step 5

Then a new file will appear with the prefix name "Copy". Right click on the file, then click "Download". Wait for the download and finish process, the problem can not download in Google Drive resolved.


How to Bypass Google Drive Download Limit for Shared Files is very easy. With you knowing this way, it is guaranteed that the problem can not download in Google Drive is resolved. Good luck !!
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Download Lenovo Ideapad 120S-11IAP, 120S-14IAP Winbook Windows 10 Drivers


Download Lenovo Ideapad 120S-11IAP, 120S-14IAP Winbook Windows 10 Drivers, Applications and Updates HERE.

Realtek Audio Driver
BIOS Update
Bluetooth Driver (Intel, Qualcomm, Realtek)
Camera Driver
Realtek Card Reader Driver
Intel Chipset Driver
Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface (TXEI) Driver
Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver
Intel VGA Driver
WLAN Driver
Advanced Configuration and Power Management Interface (ACPI) Driver for Notebook
Lenovo Utility for Notebook
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Monday, July 24, 2017

How To Fix Wireless Module Not Found (701)

Wireless Module not Found

How To Fix Wireless Module Not Found (701)

It is a 3 step process to drain power from your notebook:

1. Disconnect AC adapter. Remove the battery.
2. Press and hold the power button for few second. (15 secs would be more than enough).
3. Restart your notebook.

If the problem persist try the following:
1. Re-install your wireless drivers.
2. Clean your wireless card (similar process to clean RAM)
-open the back of the computer and take out the wireless card.
-Clean the gold part(discharge) using eraser.

Other options:
It could be expansive to replace the wireless card if turn out the card is faulty. So you can get a USB wireless stick which cost about $6.00 .

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