Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Look what they're doing
I think now everyone is relies on phone. I mean affected by smartphones addiction.familiarity has now changed.
How many hours per day you use the phone?what time you especially remove your phone? I bet it isn’t that long. Well, at least that is the case for me.
I check my phone compulsively. When seated at my desk working on my computer, at home or even in a bathroom, maybe also in kitchen when preparing a meal or just before crossing the street.or maybe on the road.

In the orthodontist's office. Walking my kids to school. In meetings. Even while making breakfast. Sometimes it is in my hand before I even know what I'm searching for. Sometimes I tap the screen absent mindedly -- looking at my email, a local blogger, my calendar, and Twitter.

It’s not that it helps me cross the road faster, or safely. Actually, it makes it more risky. Because you know that our eyes-focus will separate between The Street and looking Smartphone The truth is; I am hooked, addicted to its powers and what lies within its bright touch screen.
Many would readily concur with my plight. A great percentage of the modern millenimu  is addicted to technology to the extent that we could barely do without it, or could we?
If you don’t here is a test that will discern your true self.

I took the test, I found myself answering yes to a record 13 questions in this smartphone addiction test. If that were a positive score test in class, I would be an A material. The sad thing is, it isn’t.

According to a research conducted by the center for Internet and Technology Addiction, some people use smartphones because they need them. Others use them as a boredom killer.
The shocking thing is people would whip out their smartphones to check Tweets, update their Facebook status or just swipe across home screens without achieving anything directly productive.
[adrotate banner=”7″] With psychologists getting worried of the trend’s impact on our social lives, some schools in the US are rolling out an app that collects you points each time your phone stays locked and tucked away. The points can be used to earn a discount at a school shops and cafeteria.
Do we also need this? Is the smartphone addiction that serious?
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