Monday, February 29, 2016

Macboox Stick for your selfie today :)

Acctually, this idea of MacBook of Selfie it's rather pussy. but its cool for innovation.because at least, we will be the attention in public places with Pro and Contra in opinion.and the most important thing is Macbook's Camera Quality not inferior to the other camera.

Just Shot me with MacBook

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your views) this strange product isn’t commercially available… yet. It was created as an art project by the trio Moises (Art404), John Yuyi, and Tom Galle. Depending on public reaction and interest, however, it’s possible we may eventually see one of these things hit the market.

Shot Me Again

Before you get all snooty about the fact that you only take selfies with your own arm and your ass-sized iPhone 6 Plus: This is not real. Well, I mean, it’s like wink-wink real. MacBook Selfie Stick is the project of artists Moises (Art 404), Yuyi John, and Tom Galle, who have built an entire site based on their creation.

Let your emotion out

Selfie sticks are bad enough, and while we’ve not seen anyone taking photos with an iPad and a long stick yet, here’s something even wackier: a MacBook on the end of a stick.

Created by an artist collective and showing on the streets of New York City, the oversize selfie sticks seem to be making the point that perhaps the technology that serves our obsession with selfies should be as outsize as our egos.

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