Saturday, March 12, 2016

Reviewing Sony Smartband 2 to your heart rate

The Dream come true is in Sony Smartband 2.

Yes. What does that mean? In every single days we always waiting a stuff to help our days activity. not exception in our time.The New Sony  Electronic brand launched Sony Smartband 2.This is perfert in your fitness tracker.because this new smartband is adding heart sensing, physical notification, and water resistance.those idea is very helping and all without sacrificing the sleek design from the previous version.

Sony SmartBand 2 ensure you will not miss a thing with a soft pulsation when dialing, message notification, or other warnings enabled on your smartphone. The device also vibrates if you do not have to be within 10 meters of the smartphone. Now you can store your smartphone in your pocket or bag and still always feel if something is entered. And you never leave your cell phone without knowing it.

i'll tell my story about Sony Smartband 2. In two week i wear it.and its like a normally watch that i make , so i feel comfortable with it.comfort is a good thing too.This is old school fitness band design and it is the same with older sony style. The silicone band soon forgotten as it holds the main device snug against my wrist. It's pleasing to the eye, the smooth black featureless strap passable for a fashion accessory at a glance (and with the band itself available in multiple colours, it easily can be).

SmartBand 2 is a device that can be used 24/7. The device is waterproof and can wear in any activity. SmARTwear inconspicuous and are designed to look attractive with all the style of dress. Choose from a variety of bright colors and styles, then put in whatever colors you want every day. Sony's unique metal fasteners buttons and LED lamps provide a premium look and feel. SmartBand made of Core units that can be removed and bracelets are comfortable and stylish.

But this brand is have differences with predecessor in heart rate monitor. Returning are the vibration alerts for calls, texts and notifications - which are not smooth - a smart alarm wake-up feature and an out of Bluetooth range alert so you don't use your phone for sure.

What's great about the Smartband 2 is in optical heart rate tracking. There are two apps for the SmartBand 2. The first has the advantage in control app, the SmartBand 2 SWR12 app, which handles the connection and gathers the data from the band. This app also lets you check the status of your band, as well as feeding you statistics from your day.. Otherwise, the SmartBand's stamina two day battery life is based on heart rate tracking 5 - 6 times per hour, including when you are asleep. Stamina mode which gets you five days turns the heart rate sensor off entirely. therefore, there's lots of choice over how you want to use it. just click Double tapping the tiny power button on the right hand side of the tracking module and  puts the band into continuous HRM mode, the battery life for which you'll get ten hours. It's quick and not at all fiddly to press this at the start of a run or workout and the strong vibrations indicate immediately that it's kicked in.

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