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10 Countries with Fastest Internet access 2016

10 Countries with Fastest Internet access 2016
Internet Access - Some people in the world  maybe wants to know about where is the fastest internet in the world. Because not every country have a great internet access. As we know Malawi, southeast Africa, have a predicate the lower internet provider with average connection speed 1.4 Mbps. Internet has a very important role in our activities and entertainment.

Presence of 4G LTE technology, enable people to taste the Network Speed super fast or super Internet speeding . Although, it is still limited to major cities in in many countries. What can we do, the internet is one of the important thing in our ordynary day from communication, more knowledge, and definitely one of the newest and most forward-looking media and the medium of the future.

Beside that, the most fortunate peoples are korean. Because what, South Korea have the fastest internet speed access in the world in 2016. With Avg. connection Speed 26.7 Mbps. The study found that the average web page loads at 6.3 Mbps universally, that number can indicate how many million bits of data can be replaced just in a second. that number also is very low if we compared to the top 10 countries in the list below.

Here's the top 10 countries that have the fastest Internet in the world by 2016 :

1. South Korea

The Homeland of K-pop still became a country with the fastest internet connection in global internet speeds.which is 4.6 times as quick as the global average and  have access to super-fast internet awesome.

2. Norway

The country with total area of 385,252 square kilometres (148,747 sq mi) and a population of 5 213 985 (May 2016) has an average speed of 21.3 Mbps . Remarkably, when compared with 2015 growth of the average increased 68% and is the highest increase for this year.

3. Sweden

Sweden is a country that most use of technology, so it's not surprising if a country located in Northern Europe was became third. With an average internet speed of 20.6 Mbps and up 32% when compared to 2015.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the first country to reach a top speed of internet access of 60 Mbps. However, the current average speed of the Internet in Hong Kong is 19.9 Mbps . Thus, placing it in fourth as the country with the fastest Internet in the world by 2016.


 Switzerland is a country in which most of its territory consists of the Alps, although known as a neutral state but still has a strong international cooperation. Even so speed of internet, reach an average of 18.7 Mbps . The figure, an increase of 25% compared with the previous year.

6. Latvia

Still in Europe, Latvia is a country in the Baltic region is sparsely populated. However, Latvia has a strong national identity, diversity, the modern city, a lot of beautiful sights, vast forests, and of course have access to the internet with an average speed of 18.3 Mbps .

7. Japan

Although an island nation, Japan is a developed country in the field of technology. So, no surprising that the country of Pokemon is one of the countries that have the most advanced fiber optic infrastructure in the world. Japanese folk too, can enjoy the average internet speed of 18.2 Mbps .

8. Netherlands

Holland or the Netherlands is a country that most of the land is below sea level. Even so, one of the countries that once ruled Indonesia is indeed quite advanced in technology. Average speed internet 17.9 Mbps , which put him in eighth.

9. Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a country in Central European countries formed after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. About the speed of the internet, the Czech Republic has an average speed of 17.8 Mbps out perform developed countries. Compared with the previous year, the Czech Republic had a growth rate of over 30%.

10. Finland

The last country from the list of 10 countries with the fastest Internet in the world in 2016 was Finland . A country that known from the quality of education it provides residents access to high speed internet with an average of 17.7 Mbps .

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