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10 Things About The Most Hated iPhone from Android Users

Android User have to read This
Gadgethemes.com - Right now Android and iOS are two operating system mobile that is most dominant in the world. They shape technology trends is always a warm conversation by users. They are constantly comparing ranging from smartphone design, camera quality, the quality of applications, and many more.

Honestly many advantages iPhone recognized by Android users, even so the iPhone also has many disadvantages when compared to Android. So, for now what if we agree that Android and iOS just as good? Well what if users 'hard line' Android, have the iPhone for the first time? Reporting from WonderHowTo , here are the 10 most hated users of Android on iPhone. Check it out !

The Most Hated Users Android On iPhone : 

1. Trouble Slider Brightness and Volume Control

First we start from small things, which is hard control slider screen brightness and volume. On Android smartphones, when you want to adjust brightness or volume, you simply tap the slider at the point where you want. Then the indicator will jump to suit your fingertips.

While on the iPhone, you should not bother to drag the small indicator to the point you want. That's right! Take a long time to make Kesel and wasting precious seconds every time you adjust the screen brightness and volume.

2. Back Button Difficult Reached

Apple iOS actually has a cool feature, simply wipe the left edge of the screen to go back. Unfortunately, this feature is limited to the default application and most third party applications have not implemented this cool feature.

Finally, you should not bother touching the back choice that is located not friendly with the thumb, which is at the top left. Actually, you can take advantage of features Reachability , by doing a double tap on the screen. So that your thumb can easily reach applications that were previously difficult to reach, but obviously very inefficient.

3. Spotlight Search Less Relevant

Google's Android, so natural that always has a better search experience than other mobile operating systems. Now in iOS there is a cool feature, namely the Spotlight search . Unfortunately, Apple uses Bing as a search provider default at Spotlight Search.

With Spotlight search feature you can easily search for anything, including applications and articles on the internet. Unfortunately, the result was less relevant because it uses Bing. Very different, when you compare it to do a search in the Safari browser by default to use Google search.

4. Quick Setting Still Very Simple
Quick Setting Still Very Simple

Through the control center in iOS, you can access some quick setting . Like, on / off flight mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and screen rotation. Unfortunately, quick setting in the iPhone function is limited only to switch on and off. Compare that to Android, for example, when we hold the WiFi icon will appear further regulation. On iOS you should not bother going to the settings.

5. No Info Phone Type
No info Phone Type

As you know, Apple usually do upgrade iPhone massively every two years. iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, and iPhone SE had an identical look of the body, as well as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Of course, there is always a way to distinguish them. Worse, Apple does not even specify the type of phone on the menu ' ebout ' in the settings. Of course, there is the model number but no name specific types of iPhone.

6. Can not Clear Data Applications
There is no delete data apps

The longer we use the application may experience an error and takes a lot of internal memory. On Android, you easily overcome by deleting data and cache of applications.

What about the iPhone? Can not do much, if problematic application you must uninstall . However many cases, the application data is still lagging. So even if you reinstall the application, the problem has not gone away. The only way to completely erase all data on the iOS app is to delete the data backup iCloud.

7. Process Refund App purchases Complicated

Process refund apps complicated

When you buy an application and it does not match expectations, of course, we wanted to do a refund . Now if in the Android process the refund it is very easy, there is the option of refund in the Google Play Store. What about the iPhone? Unfortunately, App Store does not provide an easy method for refunds. You should visit the Apple Web site separately and fill out a report.

8. Very Simple Interface

Very Simple Interface

Indeed there are many users who like to see one layer iOS interface. Unfortunately, Apple does not give preference to more settings for iPhone users. If you get bored, you can not replace launcher, themes, icons, let alone hide the app on the homescreen . You can only, limited to only change the wallpaper.

9.Button Home of Everything

Button Home to Everything

Every Android smartphone, definitely has the function of back , home and recent apps that allows users to operate the smartphone. Meanwhile, Apple just menyedikan one button that is the key home .

Yes, the home on the iPhone has many functions. Press once to go to the homescreen major, long press to open Siri, press twice to access recent appas , and press three times to enable accessibility (if enabled). Only to access only the basic functions, you have to memorize some movement. So, you still think the iPhone operation easier than Android? It did not seem so.

10. Just One Rendering Engine (Safari)

Just one rendering Engine

Apple uses UIWebView in Safari . It was a nice, quick, and it really makes the Safari browser is very powerful. The problem here is that even third-party browsers such as Google Chrome also have to use this UIWebView to display content on iOS. This means that even if you are using a third party browser, basically you use Safari with a different interface.

That's 10 most hated by iPhone users. Well now we certainly can not wait to wait for Android Nougat and iOS 10 , both are certainly going to be compared. What do you think?

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