Sunday, July 31, 2016

6 Android Smart Application Definitely Make You More Intelligent -  Android has many Smart Application. Because There are many ways to make you smarter. In addition to learning conventionally through the schools , we can also rely on various forms of learning online such as through websites that can definitely make smart, and also through the application of mobile . The Android app than can be utilized as a tool of communication and entertainment, is also apparently no you can use to hone and deepen their knowledge of the brain.

Here it is we serve a list of Android applications anything that can be used to make us smarter . Of course, through the methods and fun activities.

6 Android Application that most you know:

1. Khan Academy 

After reaping phenomenal success on website, Khan Academy began to explore the Android segment. Khan Academy through the application provides a wide range of information and knowledge, ranging from economics, history, biology, physics, chemistry, and much more. They are clever in communicating science with fun and engaging means of supporting such a video, rather than having to present a tedious writing. For those of you who need a place full of learning, Khan Academy could be a solution.

2. eLearn

From the ground water, there is also a cool app that could help all of you the students to learn easily and can be accessed anywhere. The name is ELearn and its published by the renowned book publisher that Erland . Through the application, students can hone a variety of materials on a range of subjects such as English , Mathematics, Science, etc. It looks fresh and colorful secured pep in honing the science.

3. Memrise

Want to memorize certain subjects or learning a particular language in a way that is easy and fun? Memrise are the masters. His fate was also the same as the Khan Academy who have first known through the website is cool. Memrise now comes in the form of Android apps with the same energy as strong as on the website. They have special methods in which each user will always be reminded to recall the lessons that had been discussed and repeated in a certain way.

4. The Duolingo

If Memrise serves as a reminder of language learning and application, then Duolingo devoted to hone the user in control of the particular language selected. Also looks cool, filled with icons of modern and fresh color. Its motto is catchy is "Learn a Language for free. Forever." Certainly an added value for applications that worked Pittsburgh this.

5. PhotoMath

Want to learn mathematics but bngung when had to learn through books or the internet? Wear PhotoMath wrote. PhotoMath is an application that successfully combines a camera with a calculator. So if there is a difficult math problem, then you just need to open the app and point the camera to the desired matter. The answer will appear automatically on the screen and should still accurate if it is supported by a quality camera. For tutorial further in using PhotoMath, you can read in our article entitled Tips cheating: Answer Question Mathematics Just Photographed! Below.

6. Wikipedia

Next there is the official app of Wikipedia . This application seems to already be further addressed yes because it already has its own popularity in Indonesia. Wikipedia has been traditionally a place in the mild to seek detailed information on a topic. The content is compiled by thousands of people around the world can also be revised as necessary. No wonder that Wikipedia into websites and applications most comprehensive encyclopedia in the world .
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