Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Burnout Game Developers Prepare New Racing Game

New Burnout Game is ready
New Burnout Game is ready - You might remember the extreme Car Racing Burnout Game ? There is a good news for fans of this Racing game, because the game developer behind the Burnout has revealed that they have begun making new racing game. This was confirmed by Director Burnout, Alex Ward through his Twitter account, where he said that if the new game in the middle of workmanship.

Of course, the good news is a lot of positive response from the fans who have long been waiting for something interesting from this team. Alex Ward and Fiona Sperry colleagues are currently working on an indie game studio Three Fields Entertainment. While Dangerous Golf is the first game created by the studio. Basically the game was still using collision mode, but only brought into the indoor arena.

Burnout Paradise is the last game in the Burnout series, released in 2008. The fans themselves have waited for a new series, but it looks like Criterion are not too willing to launch a new title. Then EA Burnout has a name, it means that anything done by this team, the game title will not be named Burnout.

Either unable or unwilling Three Fields Entertainment made a game Burnout successor, but it was worth awaited. At least the fans were quite happy mendangar that the team behind the popular game tersbut longer intends to make a racing game, which is expected to be better and offer something new. There are no exact details are more, so it is unknown what platforms will be supported by this game.

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