Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dont Buy A new Smartphone 2016 now! because this reason...

iPhone 7
Gadgethmes.com - Smartphones 2016 have become mandatory to be owned by the community in the era of Internet of Things today. Like do not want to miss the moment, no smartphone manufacturers are constantly innovating to bring new smartphone in 2016  is equipped with the latest technology.

Well, if you have plans to buy a new smartphone 2016  , it's good to be tempered. Because if you buy a new smartphone now, then you choose the wrong time. Do not believe? It's the reason.

Reasons For Not Buying New Smartphone Now
So far the smartphone market dominated by two giant platform, namely Android and iOS . Amid the rapid development, both iOS and Android is now the middle of the gate waiting responsibility. The second reason is this Platforma will be kicked off a new era of smartphones with new products.

1. Apple iPhone 7

Success becomes a trend setter color Rose Gold and technology Force Touch via the iPhone 6s, Apple does not necessarily stop innovating. Through the iPhone 7 , Apple will bring some changes. The speculation, iPhone 7 will be equipped with two rear cameras and eliminating the 3.5 mm audio port.

Plans to launch next September, it helps you iOS users a little patience to taste the iPhone 7. Instead of buying an iPhone 6s instead be better to wait for the iPhone 7, which reportedly has been equipped with two cameras? Plus, the iOS operating system 10 had been able to direct you taste in iPhone 7.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In line Android smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 which is a leap of Galaxy Note 5 became one of the latest smartphones are most worth the wait. Plan was introduced on 2 August, the Galaxy Note 7 will reportedly be equipped with retina scanner technology, 6GB RAM and carries the latest Snapdragon processor.

If you have a Samsung smartphone previous series, it is better to wait for the Galaxy Note 7. In addition to the Samsung plans to immediately resell after its introduction, Samsung has always held a program trade-in for you who want to buy their latest smartphone. Interesting right?

3. Google Nexus

Not only provides the Android platform, Google is also developing a pure Android smartphone through a series of Nexus . Nexus series circuitry typically priced at a cheaper price than other manufacturers, but equipped with sophisticated specifications and also support the latest Android operating system update.

This year, the Nexus smartphone produced by HTC carries the code name of Marlin and Sailfish. It is not impossible if the latest Nexus will be equipped with the latest operating system and Daydream VR and AR technologies (Project Tango) from Google.

If indeed you are desperate to want to buy a new smartphone, it could just buy a cheap smartphone that has been equipped with 6GB RAM as VIVO Xplay 5 Elite or One Plus 3 . But instead of buying a smartphone only win in terms of specs, why not a pending smartphone is equipped with the latest technology alone? Launching they are only waiting for a matter of months anyway.
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