Thursday, July 28, 2016

How to find Pokemon GO around you with PokeDetector ??

How to find Pokemon GO around you - Less than a month since it was launched on a limited basis in the three countries on July 5, Pokemon GO has been transformed into a mobile game in the history. In fact, according to recent reports from companies of mobile data intelligence , Sensor Tower . Pokemon GO is the fastest growing game, where the combined download on Android and iOS globally reached more than 75 million .

The essence of the game Pokemon GO is you have to leave the house, around town in streets to hunt Pokemon in many public places such as malls and travel. Unfortunately, the presence of cheat on Pokemon GO which spreads makes the essence of Pokemon GO damaged. Even there is some many other Pokemon GO players are disappointed. Even so, not everyone likes to play dirty. Reporting from PhoneArena , for you who still play Pokemon GO is have to fair , i has this application that lets you know the type of Pokemon near your location without having to open the Pokemon GO.

How Knowing the type Pokemon Around You Without Having Opening Pokemon GO ?

Is PokeDetector , that's the name of the Android application to determine the type of Pokemon around you without having to open the Pokemon GO. Relax, you can download this application for free and I've tested. Really worked well, Pokemon that appear are also fully compatible with Pokemon hunt i have experience over the years.

The premise is simple, to improve the functionality of Pokemon GO. After you install, you are required to log in with a Google account . Furthermore, PokeDetector will run in the background and sends notifications when there are Pokemon to be around you. Yes, PokeDetector can change the way you catch Pokemon more efficiently.

Then, you just open the notifications that appear and will open maps with the location of various types of Pokemon near your location. So, you can know which way to turn to get a rare Pokemon . Interestingly, PokeDetector range twice as wide. In fact, there will be a time duration, before the coveted Pokemon you're gone.

In order not to disturb you also can disable vibration, sound, and set the scan interval , ranging from 15 seconds to every 30 minutes. Well if you like this app, you can upgrade to a premium account to pay $3 . So, you can filter the Pokemon that you dislike and open other advanced settings.

Because it runs in the background, PokeDetector could probably suck your battery. But it is more friendly, than the Pokemon GO open throughout the day. Honestly, this is a best  companion app GO Pokemon so far. Do you have a better alternative applications??

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