Tuesday, July 26, 2016

In addition to the Galaxy Note7, Iris Scanner Features Immediately Adopted Other Vendors

 Iris Scanner Galaxy Note7
Galaxy Note7, Iris Scanner 
Gadgethemes.com - After the fingerprint scanner popular, iris scanner technology would seem to be the trend continued in smartphones. Features that will be carried in the Note7 Galaxy rumored to be soon adopted by other vendors if the move Samsung is considered attractive and successful.

According to news comes from Digitimes sources, some Chinese companies China is currently developing their own version of the iris scanner. These include the vendor Xiaomi, Leeco, and 360 Qiku.

In addition to Android vendors, the same source also revealed that Apple was developing the biometric technology. However, the feature is not expected to be available in the 2018 edition of the iPhone.

Rumors over reinforced by reports that the biometric scanner component suppliers have started to increase production. Some of these companies among which are Qualcomm, Truly Opto-Electronics, O-Tech films, and Beijing IrisKing.

The solution uses biometric iris scanner is more secure than a fingerprint scanner that has now been plural is used in a variety of smartphones. Biometric fingerprint able to cover weaknesses that could be forged in some way.

via Phone Arena, Digitimes
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