Saturday, July 30, 2016

Top 10 smartphone comparison by Netizen

Top 10 smartphone comparison
Smartphone hit - This is just like a Smartphone News. Netizen's looks like have a deal to make poling of the most interesting smartphone at the end of this month. The Smartphone brand most often accessed information by netizens in the world. Citing sources in the publishing GSM Arena, there are 10 brands of smartphones that hit its highest.

To 10 smartphone brands are Xiomi redmi Note3. Every day, there are about 116.523 are accessing and seeking information about the smartphones. Second, Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016), a hit every day about 116.408. Third, Xiomi redmi Pro, 78.953. Fourth, Motorola Moto G4 Plus, around 63.706. Fifth, the Samsung Galaxy J5, 63.620. Seventh, the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016), 56.381. Eighth, the Samsung Galaxy S7, 56.331. Ninth, Sasung Galaxy J7, 54.872. Tenth, Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

If you look at these data, about the smartphone Samsung information most sought Netizen. Of the 10 brands, six of which Samsung smartphone.

The Netizen usually seek detailed information about the specifications of the smartphone comparison. The decision is usually preceded by consumers seeking information from a variety of sources. One of them with internet access. Such information is needed as a first step to make a decision, whether the smartphone purchases included in the list or not?

This is Top 10 Most Wanted Netizen of Brand Smartphone : 

  Device                                       Daily hits  

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3                116,523
2. Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)        116,408
3. Xiaomi Redmi Pro                        78,953
4. Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)        71,508
5. Motorola Moto G4 Plus        63,706
6. Samsung Galaxy J5                     63,610
7. Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)          56,381
8. Samsung Galaxy S7        56,331
9. Samsung Galaxy J7                54,872
10. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge        53,500
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