Friday, August 19, 2016

LG's newest gadget lets you watch the 80-inch screen anywhere

LG 80-inch Screen
LG 80-inch Screen - One of the coolest bit of tech that will eventually (we hope) become standard on smartphones is the ability to project large screen of your phone. Already there are some clunky experiments in that area, but the technology is still too large projection and the strength is still lacking for it to be considered a smartphone-friendly. That does not mean to say portable projectors are not worth it, though, and LG has just launched what looks to be an effort that is still not perfect.

This is called the LG PH450U and capable of projecting an 80-inch screen anywhere.  I say anywhere because it doesn't even need a socket function.  The built-in battery will continue to keep the projector runs for 180 minutes, allowing enough time to watch a movie in a long duration.

The size of the PH450U also includes a quite small (115 x 115 x 44.5 mm) which can be hold with one hand and classified as ultra short-throw projector which means measures only 33 centimeters. That being upside down you can turn it on its side and down to a flat surface such as a desk and a wall projection is more standard.

At a price range of $ 650 that is definitely not cheap, especially when you consider it's limited to output 720p.  Inside you can find lights that would light up to 30. 000 hours, though.  It also reaches 450 lumens brightness, that would look great in most lighting situations.

The price is equivalent to a compact Portable projectors such as the Asus P3B, smaller.  LG has a great advantage when it comes to projections, though.  At a distance of at least 25 cm, P3B can only make a display of 30 inches.  It's pumping out more light (800 lumens, almost double the LG), but you have to clean the runway 11-feet to be able to match what can be done only from new Minibeam 13 inches.
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