Friday, August 5, 2016

Chrome for Android improves video playback HTML5

Chrome for Android
Chrome for Android - Last update Google chrome for Android includes improvements focused on a fact that Google has wanted to share all consumed more than one billion video time from Chrome, largely from mobile. So for version 52 of the browser, the giant has decided to improve certain aspects of video playback, offering reproductions now smoother, faster loads and generating a lower battery consumption. In the video you can see below and also you can see the changes quickly, as the videos load five times faster. Also, if you use mode "Saving Data", the browser will handle compress the video so you keep your data rate at bay.

Google says the changes work with HTML5, so those Flash videos continue to maintain slow load times. The improvements will be felt primarily in short videos, though obviously saving mode data clips work on long lasting. The update is occurring gradually, so you may have to wait a little until you can install this new version on your mobile.

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