Tuesday, August 2, 2016

how to fix some google play store problems

some google play store problems

There was a time when Google Play Store experience problems. When that happens, do not panic. Consider some of the tips below that will make Google Play Store back to normal.

Google Play Store is problematic - Perform reset

The first and easiest thing to do when your Google Play Store is having trouble resetting your smartphone connectivity. Internet sometimes makes the Google Play Store is not running properly. Reset menu Wi-Fi on a smartphone. If it still does not help, try turning on airplane mode and then disable it back. The easy way is quite successful. You can also reset the Wi-Fi router or smartphone connect to other networks to determine whether the problem is on your smartphone.

Second, try clearing the cache of Google Play Store. If the problem is not contained in connectivity, problems can occur in memory. Cache is the data the various sites you've visited that are stored on a smartphone that will help reduce the use of internet and speed up the processing of data pages that have been visited. How to clear the cache is by going to Settings> Apps> Google Play Store> Clear Cache.

The third way that might help is to delete all the data on the Google Play Store. This is done when a cache removal did not help resolve the problem on the Google Play Store. The way is also very easy, you go into Settings> Apps> Google Play Store, and then click clear cache data is not clear. This will erase all your personal data on the Google Play Store. After that, you need to sign in again. If this option is not successful, remove the Google Play Store is the next way.

Google Play Store is problematic - The problem is smaller than imagined
Lastly, check that the current date and time. It looks stupid, but sometimes the date and time on your smartphone is not the same as the Google Play Store server. All you need to do is set the time and date according to the current and restart your smartphone.
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