Monday, August 8, 2016

Iran just ban Pokemon GO for some reason

Iran just ban Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO - Iran has just ban the Pokemon Go, one of the favorite mobile game for security reasons. The country had already expressed its concerns at the launch of the game, like many other states. The latter will they be tempted to imitate the decision by Iran?

Last month, the Iranian authorities had raised eyebrows in the gaming world by announcing have concerns over the new phenomenon Pokemon Go . Iran feared that the country's public safety is jeopardized by the latest title in Niantic Labs. Especially for the Iranian are  waiting to know if the publisher would cooperate to make the game is a little less dangerous in the country. Finally, the 'Iran has just ban the use of Pokémon Go in the country, for safety reasons, without elaborating .

Iran was not the first country to worry about the security of its citizens against the Go Pokémon phenomenon. The media have relayed accidents involving the use of Pokémon GO or even incidents like this French heckled in Indonesian military base while hunting Pokémon. The country's authorities have since banned the use of Pokémon Go to the police on duty. In New York, sex offenders are not permittet to playing Pokemon Go right to prevent them from approaching children.

Pokemon Go, is a dangerous game?

If the principle of the game - namely catch Pokémon in the wild and hatching eggs while walking many kilometers - is healthy since it facilitates meetings and Physical Activity, Pokémon Go can be particularly dangerous. Indeed, they can sometimes Pokémon roadside , which may force some drivers to stop without warning. Niantic Labs has also pledged to withdraw the Pokémon placed at locations deemed dangerous . A long and burdensome task that requires the participation of users, but also the authorities. Then We hope that the publisher will take all precautions to ensure that public authorities might be tempted to follow the example of Iran.
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