Friday, August 19, 2016

Nokia Risen from the Grave, this is the figure that raised Finland Brand

Pekka Rantala of Nokia
Pekka Rantala - When it was acquired by Microsoft, Nokia, the Finland company is prohibited from issuing new products with the name of Nokia, at least until the end of December 2015. Now, Nokia has been freed from Microsoft so it should Nokia may freely use his name again. Gadget lovers around the world were very excited to see the return of Nokia in the smartphone market. now, Nokia risen from the grave.

Reportedly, the Android-based smartphones Nokia will be formally introduced near the end of this year. The figure who served evoke the legendary brand of mobile phones has also been established, namely Pekka Rantala as Chief Marketing Officer. Who is he? 

Nokia Risen from the Grave, This figure Charge Generating Nokia

Pekka Rantala is the former CEO of Rovio, the company that plays a role behind the phenomenal success of Angry Birds game. Formerly, he also became one of the executive for 17 years in the heyday Nokia. Pekka himself appointed directly by the company that got the license to make and distribute mobile phones Nokia namely HMD Global Oy. 

HMD is a new company based in Finland that will not only make Android smartphones Nokia, but also typical Nokia feature phone and tablet. HMD is not alone, there are Foxconn Technology will contribute through its subsidiary, FIH Mobile. 

Pekka which would lead Nokia's comeback efforts by recruiting marketing specialists in promoting Nokia. It will even establish a world class marketing team. According to leaks, there are four Android smartphones Nokia is almost certain to be officially released. Two products towards the end of this year and both again prepared for launch in early next year. Prime Android Smartphone Nokia reportedly powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset 820. You definitely can not wait yes. We wait for the return of Nokia enliven the world smartphone market. 
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