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Review for Moto G4 Plus, when details make the difference

Moto G4 Plus - The Moto G4 Bonus is one of the most showy bets of Lenovo. If a few days ago we were bringing to you the analysis of the Moto G4 normally, today we bring to you that of this version that he emphasizes for small changes that can mark the difference.

Along this analysis we will especially focus in the differences, although few are very important. On the one hand we have the inclusion of fast charger in this release and that does not come with normal the Moto G4. Others two important changes are those that two main big paragraphs of this article: the sensor of fingerprints and the camera. In both cases we are dealing before two small changes, but that turn out to be quite powerful.

If you want to see Moto G4 analysis you can do here. Also the video analysis would be valid if we except the section of the camera, so it is also very interesting. 

Moto G4 Plus Specification : 

Screen                                : 5.5-inch LCD IPS
Resolutión                         : 1920 x 1080 pixels (401 dpi)
Processor                           : Qualcomm Snapdragon 617
GPU                                   : Adreno 405
RAM                                  : 2 GB
Internal Storage               : 16 GB
Main Camera                    : Omnivision OV16860 16megapixel camera with an aperture of f / 2.0
and Laser Auto Focus (PDAF)
Front Camera                   : Paertura sensor 5 megapixel f / 2.2 and HDR
Battery                               : 3.000 mAh
Conectivity                        : Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.1, 4G, MicroSD
Weight                               : 155 gramos
Dimensions                       : 153 x 76,6 x 9,8 mm
Operation System            : Android 6.0.1

Moto G4 Plus
Moto G4 Plus
Fingerprint sensor 

Perhaps at first glance the fact of adding a fingerprint sensor is not very flashy. On the one hand it is clear that it is quite useful, but on the other hand, some end up not work well at all or are very slow. Furthermore, the position of the sensor is very important in this case responds to the user's tastes. Well, in the case of G4 Moto Plus most of these points have a positive response. 
Fingerprint sensor
Fingerprint sensor 
The fingerprint sensor is placed on the front, exactly done usually find the menu button on any device. As we have seen in the analysis of Moto G4, neither terminal has capacitive buttons so that the sensor will be just that, a sensor. In my case the best position to place the sensor is just that, the lower part of the front. Thus we can access it with the phone leaning on a table or hold any of the 2 hands. For example, the fingerprint sensor on the back always need to take the smartphone. 

A sensor accurate and fast fingerprint placed on the front of the G4 Moto Plus 

The really good thing about this sensor in the Moto G4 Plus comes now. And its performance is superb and lived up to the best that can be found in any high end. The Accuracy is very high and rarely have erroneous readings. For its part, the speed is also the best I've had and is approaching the theoretical values ​​provided by the brand. During the time I have been mobile, different people have been surprised by the quality of the fingerprint sensor G4 Moto Plus. Perhaps the most notable case is that of a friend surprised to see his iPhone was not able to get that speed when unlocking the terminal. In addition, you can save different fingerprints as usual.


Although the added ones are small, we must recognize that both are very good. In the case of the camera of this Moto Plus G4 we are facing a similar case. And although this is a mid-range, the quality of the camera is not far from what we have seen in some high-end. Yes, a bit below the major figures in photography as the Galaxy S7, the LG or HTC G5 10.

Already in the normal Moto G4 the results were not all bad, in this case they are better in every aspect. Moto sensor G4 Plus is a OV16860 Omnivision (1 / 2.4 ') 16-megapixel camera with an aperture of f / 2. 0 and accompanied by a dual-tone LED flash. The main novelty is a laser system approach for contrast detection (PDAF). Such systems are increasingly common in smartphones time though and we see in other types of cameras for some time. And the contrast detection focus needs to be a contrast to where we want to focus and good amount of light. For example, focus on a white wall in this way is very complicated. In the case of Moto Plus G4 proper operation and especially it noted for its speed.

Moto G4 Plus Camera
As for the photos themselves, the quality is above its competitors in this range. Generally the pictures are very sharp and has a very natural color treatment. With the latter perhaps the photos are not as resultón at first sight, but better reflect reality and to me is something that I personally like. Both close-ups and more general photos always get a good level of detail. And thanks to the brightness sensor night pictures get good results with low noise levels even in automatic mode. 


The conclusion is again very similar to what we obtained with the Moto G4. The difference in this case comes from the hand different additives and the type of user that is intended. It is clear that the addition of fast charger is good for everyone and should come standard with both versions. Since it is not, it is a small point in favor of the Plus version. 

If we go to the camera's view it is clear. If the user mainly looking for a good camera and not look both specifications, we can say that the G4 Moto Plus is a great option. And it is that the camera must be added the smooth running an operating system that gives almost stock with a correct specifications. As for the fingerprint sensor, this is something more personal and everyone should see if it's something worthwhile or not. At least we can say that its operation is very good. 
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