Wednesday, August 24, 2016

SolidEnergy Battery with twice energy density

SolidEnergy Battery - How long your smartphone battery last? Average for active battery usage about 4-6 hours. Meanwhile, for normal use can last about 8-12 hours a day. Possibly Battery life is now disappointing, but now technology of smartphone operating a new system starts up its chipset that support increasingly sophisticated and fast.

Wait, there's good news for us all smartphone users. Because the battery company SolidEnergy claim have invented a new breakthrough. Where is the battery life of smartphones will be longer up to 2-fold. Wow amazing is not it, when it will be released?

First patient, a smartphone with a battery 2 times more durable it will come from next year. They managed to make a battery with half the size, but has the same durability with most smartphones today.

Yes, this SolidEnergy batteries have twice the energy density when compared to Lithium-ion batteries today. That is, the battery is the same size on this smartphone can offer durability 2-fold. This breakthrough also allows the vendor to make the smartphone thinner, thanks to the size of the battery is only half trimmed.

Believe it or not, the battery is ready to go into commercial production. They can be found in the new device as early as next year. The decision is in the hands of manufacturers of smartphones, whether to create a smartphone with long battery life, or decide to make the smartphone thinner. What do you think, which is important durable battery or thin smartphone?
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