Friday, September 9, 2016

Beware of 6 Signs of tour baby because Addicted by Gadgets

gadget-kids-addicted - Advances in technology is a phenomenon that is enjoyed by people worldwide. Not only makes it at once to shorten the time in search of information, but the technology also gives every individual in the modern era is an opportunity to establish communication between each other, even with a figure or something that originally classified as foreign.

Despite the many benefits, the technology could also have an adverse impact, especially in young children. Technology in the form of video games, tablet, phone or other means of social media is a substitute for television for them. 

Not the least amount of millenial generation which today looks very dependent on their gadgets. One study even showed that 1 out of 3 toddlers use gadgets before she could speak. Because the devices this technology brings a significant impact on their mental health. 

Surely you do not want the baby is categorized as one of those found to be hooked on technology. Any signs, both seen clearly or not, which indicated your child dependency on gadgets? 

Here are six signs that according to two psychiatrists and psychologists Englishman, Richard Graham and Jay Watts, as reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (10/08/2016): 

  1. -Resisting to perform other activities that are not related to  technology 
  2. -always talking about technology or game they constantly 
  3. -hard to focus, called does not answer and is not sensitive to  anything around him 
  4. -liver rapidly changing and often fight or argued in talks 
  5. -often lie 
  6. -looks stress or discomfort when deprived of gadgets

If your child shows all that signs , you have to encouraged to do digital detox or cleansing the brain and mental your child. Can be started in the best way they do not like that, hiding their gadgets and allow them to find them again when they are doing an activity you have planned to reduce its dependence. 

You can also try to cut back on the use of these gadgets. Of course, doing this is not easy because the child would be upset or disappointed, even some crying endlessly. However, some of these strategies is important for the long term. 

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