Thursday, September 22, 2016

Break the Promise, WhatsApp will Be Charged by VZBV

WhatsApp Apk - The new policy of WhatsApp is allows the user data divided into Facebook , to the extent permitted by the owner of the account. This sparked controversy among netizens, because this is sensitive issue. 

Furthermore, the consumer monitoring agencies in Germany (VZBV) would threaten to sue WhatsApp on such data sharing policy, as reported by Independent and collected , Thursday (09/22/2016).

VZBV pointed that WhatsApp reneges on promise spokenin 2014 ago, when the service of chatting is "whatsapp" announced that this apps has acquired Facebook. At that time, WhatsApp insists will remain a service-independent without any interruptions from Facebook. "Consumers trust the words of WhatsApp that the information is only stored on the service without being transferred to Facebook. The trust has been broken," said the spokesman of VZBV.

the agency asked for WhatsApp to remove the policy set by last August. If the request was ignored until the end of this month, VZBV will sue WhatsAppin court. Representatives of WhatsApp and Facebook has not given an official response about the demands VZBV. Earlier, WhatsApp said the policy of transfer data to Facebook would be helpful to users. Therefore, the data can help advertisers can focus to the appropriate targets. If any time an ad appears in the application WhatsApp users, the ad promised would be in accordance with the needs and interests of users. The criticism about the policy itself relies on the user's worries in case of WhatsApp and Facebook will share or sell user data to advertisers. For that matter, the two companies guarantee will not happen.
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