Friday, September 23, 2016

Cancel to Buy iPhone 7, Hualin proposed her boyfriend

Hualin proposed her boyfriend - The Dreams of Hualin- not the right name - to have an iPhone 7 was pending. But, she got a surprise happier than the iPhone 7, proposed by a boyfriend.

Li - also not the right name - and Haulin been together for seven years. These two lovebirds are equally diligent work and put aside their income. Li know that Hualin wants to change her old cell phone with the new iPhone.

On 21 September, Li felt both sufficient savings to buy the iPhone 7. Li also promised his lover to make up for the latest iPhone.

Excerpted from the website, Saturday (23 / 9/2016), both then make a pact to meet in front of the Apple Store located in Holiday Plaza, Shenzhen, China. But not invite Hualin rushed to buy the iPhone 7, Li suddenly kneeling in front of his girlfriend.

Li apologized that the money they have collected both been used so it is not possible to buy an iPhone 7. Hualin certainly surprised what his talking about.

Not yet exhausted her shock, Li then took something from his pocket. Once opened, Hualin stunned. Li gives a ring and proposed to her to be his wife.

Apparently, money saving set up to buy the iPhone used Li bought a diamond ring Darry Ring. Hualin could not contain the emotion and accepting applications. Both were kissing.

The scenery is romantic to attract visitors around the Apple Store. Many of which capture the moment and upload them to social media to become viral. Failed to get the iPhone 7, did not make Hualin sad. Instead, his heart filled with excitement. 
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