Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Google Will Release Laptop and Tablet with New OS

Google Will Release Laptop and Tablet with New OS

Gadgethemes.com - Success with the operating system (OS), Android and Chrome OS, Google will release a new laptop with a brand-new operating system, called Andromeda. Android Police reported, this OS is predicted combine Chrome OS and Android. 

Meanwhile, according to reports 9to5Google, Andromeda will be pinned on the latest tablet is rumored to be named Huawei Nexus. The tablet is rumored to be the successor to the Google Nexus 7, which leaked on the internet earlier this month.

As for laptops, Android Police claims that this laptop has the code name 'Bison' and known as 'Pixel 3'.

The laptop will come with a touch screen with 12.3-inch and thickness body below 10mm, making it one of the world's thinnest notebook.

This Brand will carry the convertible design that is similar to the Lenovo Yoga laptops and would have a trackpad with the glass (like the MacBook), which rely on haptic feedback technology. Google reportedly will sell this laptop priced starting at US $ 799.

Google itself is not a new player of this industrial hardware, such as laptops. Previously, the Internet giant also releasing two Chromebook Pixel.

Pixel 3 reportedly will not run Chrome OS, which can only be found on a Chromebook. Instead, the tablet made by Huawei will run Andromeda.

Knowing from Business Insider, Tuesday (09/27/2016), the merger between Chrome OS and Android seem to be aligning two separate fields.

Chromebook has recently gained the ability to run Android apps on Chrome OS - similar to what Microsoft's doing with Windows today.
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