Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How To Enjoy 10 Excellence MacOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra Launched
Gadgethemes.com -  After releasing iOS 10, Apple is preparing to release an update MacOS Sierra. Some new features are ready to be sampled Mac users around the world. 

Apple planned to start sending MacOS Sierra on 20 September 2016 in US. As with IOS 10 updates on this quite simple. 

First, make sure your device supports. Here's a list that supports MacOS Sierra

- MacBook (Late 2009 or later) 
- MacBook Pro (Mid 2010 or later) 
- MacBook Air (Late 2010 or later) 
- Mac mini (Mid 2010 or later) 
- the iMac (Late 2009 or latest) 
- Mac Pro (Mid 2010 or latest) 

To check, click the Apple icon in the top left corner. Then select About This Mac. 

Then check the RAM and internal storage capacity. Required minimum of 2 GB of RAM and an internal memory of 10 GB which is empty. 

For you that using Snow Leopard and Lion must upgrade the OS X El Capitan. While Leopard users should update to Snow Leopard for USD 20. until the next upgrade of El Capitan and the Sierra.

You who have used Yosemite, Mavericks and El Capitan can get Sierra via the Mac App Store for free. Usually Apple will put up a big banner at the application store. You can click on the banner dialed by pressing Install. Apple will guide the installation process. 

Now the question, whether the MacOS Sierra worthy installed? If you want to enjoy a host of new features and want to integrate the IOS 10 and WatchOS 3, Gadgethemes.com advised to migrate to MacOS Sierra. 

how to enjoy 10 features of the Sierra as follows  :

1. Siri
Siri MacOS Sierra

Apple has integrated the Mac and Siri. Like the iPhone, you can rule this digital assistant to perform a number of tasks so that more productive.

2. Memories

As in iOS 10 , Apple brings the Photos application, incorporating features of Memories. So MacOS will automatically categorize photos by event. We can make a short film that includes a music and shared to friends or relatives. 

In the Photos application, users can search for the person's photo using facial recognition feature.

3. Unlock with Apple Watch

Unlock with Apple Watch
Have an Apple Watch? You can use it to open the MacOS. So no need to enter a password at login. Terms of use this feature, Apple Watch,  you have to preinstalled Watch OS 3. 0.

 4. Apple Pay

If you make a purchase on a website, it is now possible to pay using an Apple Pay with authentication wearing iPhone or Apple Watch. 

But keep in mind that not all websites are already providing this option. And not all countries are already able to use Apple Pay.

5. Messages

If you like the new iMessage in iOS 10, then you'll like Message in the Sierra. For features that are embedded Apple is nearly the same. 

So we can send larger emoji. Respond to messages with the heart and thumb. And can play videos and preview kink in the right part of the conversation.

6. iCloud faster

iCloud faster

Apple promises access iCloud Dribe in MacOS and iOS 10 accelerated. Files stored in the desktop and folders can be accessed via iCloud document on any device, anywhere. 

 7. paved Storage

By installing Sierra, Mac storage space will be more airy. This update will remove duplicate files, cache, uninstall the old program and a number of useless files and stored in the Trash more than 30 days

8. IPhone Copy, Paste on Mac

iPhone Copy and Paste

For more details about the features of Universal Clipboard, can be read at here 

9. Tabs

Now the application in MacOS tab provides options that relieve the view when multiple windows of an application

10. Picture in Picture 

Apple has introduced this feature in the iPad and now they took him to Sierra. As a result you can open a video and displayed in a popup. So do not fill the screen, and while doing another task. Well, how, ready to welcome MacOS Sierra?

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