Sunday, September 18, 2016

In New Zealand, the iPhone 7 Plus Delivered Orders by Drones

 the iPhone 7 Plus Delivered Orders by Drones
 the iPhone 7 Plus Delivered Orders by Drones - iPhone 7 now became trending smartphone. this may be the most eagerly awaited lover to get this new brand, especially for those who have booked through pre-order.

Well, Vodafone New Zealand has a unique way to satisfy those customers who are already looking forward to the smartphone made by Apple Inc.

Operator iPhone 7 Plus sends it to the buyers by using unmanned aircraft or drones! This method is claimed to be the first in the world.

As reported by Cellular-News, Monday (19/09/2016), these drones from New Zealand Vodafone headquarters in Viaduct Harbour, Auckland, and arrived at Princes Wharf, Hilton Hotel.

iPhone 7 Plus variants rose gold that was delivered into the hands of the buyer, Irene Hu, who is known to Vodafone customers first booked the iPhone 7 by online.

'Its unbelievable, I do not believe it to be the first customer who is now holding the iPhone 7. I like the way the iPhone 7 shipping wearing a drone, it's so cool,' said Hu.

Vodafone Consumer Director, Matt Williams said that delivery via drones is a special method to celebrate the launch of the most anticipated smartphones throughout the world.

'We are happy that our customers are also pleased with the presence of new technologies. So, we think this the right way, 'he said.

Drone is controlled by David Drummond and his team. 'It is a great project to work on. We are proud to be part of the success of this project. 'Cap Drummond.
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