Thursday, September 15, 2016

In a week, the iPhone 7 Plus Sold out on the market

In a week, the iPhone 7 Plus Sold out on the market
iPhone 7 Plus Sold out on the market - The number of early Apple Inc. smartphones, Iphone 7 Plus, which recently launched in the last week, sold out in many countries in the world, the company said on Wednesday (15\/9). 

Customers must wait for a new supply of large-sized smart phone, for all colours, while the twin brothers, the smaller-sized, Iphone 7, also sold out for color ' jet black ', says Apple. 

Original United States technology Giant that promised complete new channeling both products at the store on Friday. ' We hope the customers waiting patiently. We work hard so that the latest series of iPhone it is in the hands of all people as soon as possible, ' said Applae spokeswoman Trudy Muller in a written statement. 

On the same day , Reuters reported that the accumulated stock of Apple reached the highest point along the 2016 with a value of about 607 billion u.s. dollars, slightly outperform competitors in other technology sectors, Alphabet and Microsoft. 

The height of interest in citizens against new products Apple was also helped by the disaster that befell the other competitors are now fellow smart phone manufacturer, Samsung.

Samsung should compelling 2.5 million of their new product, Galaxy Note 7, from the market and from the hands of the customers who bought many users, due to a technical fault on a battery that could harm users.  South Korea origin company was rumored to have to incur losses of around one billion u.s. dollars. 

Samsung and Apple released they were lauch a new product about the same time.  Media technology generally assess the positive Note 7 and predict that the product could be a healthy competition for Apple's latest iPhone--which this year it looks not much different from a year ago.   However, the emergence of a number of complaints from users, who confessed to Note 7 burn time recharge the battery, making the Samsung the losing side in the fight against Apple for Smartphone market share in the last few years has always declined.   As a result, Samsung's stock price had plummeted seven percent in one day some time ago.  While at the same time, Apple managed to sell their product runs out in one weekend.
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