Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Instagram right now lets you save your own stories and mute others - Instagram has issued another Snapchat-inspired update to its app, the most recent in AN aggressive series since the company’s huge plan in could. In version nine.3, free nowadays, Instagram has supplemental some new choices to the app’s Snapchat-style “stories” feature that it undraped last month. Users can currently be ready to save the photos and videos that they post to their stories to the camera roll mechanically by default, and that they can even mute the stories of individuals they follow.

Saving stuff you post to your stories is another feature upraised from Snapchat. To activate it, you only faucet the gear icon within the stories camera interface and flip the “Save Shared Photos” button. It’s a wholesale choice for currently, although — will|you'll|you'll be able to}’t value more highly to save posts on a independent basis the manner you can on Snapchat. Instead, you either archive everything or live that really impermanent  life.


Muting stories could be a bit additional simple — you only faucet and hold on the actual story that you simply wish to mute. It ought to facilitate solve one in all the first knocks on Instagram’s version of the concept, that is that it absolutely was simple to feel inundated by the quantity of Instagram stories that show up at the highest of the app. (People tend to follow additional accounts on Instagram than they are doing on Snapchat.) Now, after you mute a specific account’s Instagram story, it moves the corresponding bubble to the top of the stories queue. The app conjointly won’t mechanically flip thereto story if you’ve viewed everybody else’s — you have got to un-mute it to look at it once more.

Instagram conjointly value-added the flexibility to choose a color after you add text to stories, another little concept that makes up a part of the goofy fun of Snapchat. At now, it’s safe to mention this won’t be the last of Snapchat’s ideas to come back to Instagram.
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