Wednesday, September 14, 2016

iPhone 7 Exceed Expectations, Shares of Apple getting Up

Cook Team released iPhone7

iPhone 7 already a smash hit as pre-orders exceed AT&T’s expectations in market. - The presence of the iPhone 7 get diverse speech of all backgrounds. Given a positive signal to investors that the smartphone has also managed to push Apple shares rose.

New brand of Apple is up in the market nearly 3% on Tuesday as investors cheered signs that the company’s latest iPhone is off to a strong start.

Reported by Business Insider Thursday (15/09/2016), Apple shares rose nearly 3 percent at the close of trading Tuesday, September 13, following a positive signal to investors. They see the new iPhone has a good first step.

Two major US operators (us), Sprint and T-Mobile announced yesterday the expectations presales iPhone 7 exceeded.

T-Mobile says that the iPhone 7 has managed to record sales day, according to Sprint, pre-order series smartphones have increased by over 375%.

In addition, according to the first examination wave Reserved iPhone technology 7 shared media and integrate many professional gadget reviewer is confident that the smartphone is the best phone on the market today.

Regarding the apple does not reveal any plans on releasing the first weekend pre-sales data, ie data analysis that are commonly used to measure how big the iPhone launch animo.

Ini is the first time that Apple does. iPhone 7 itself should be viewed offline stores on Friday, September 16, 2016.
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