Friday, September 9, 2016

It is not a terrorist attack, but a Jeep was burned by Galaxy Note 7

 Jeep was burned by Galaxy Note 7
 Jeep was burned by Galaxy Note 7 - The launching of a new smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was coupled with bad news. Numerous users phablet felt unpleasant incident, the telephone took fire and blew up. And the worst of everything, a Jeep was burned by Galaxy Note 7 in Florida United States.

The husband and the woman Nathan and Lydia Dornacher now revealed that they sustained heavy losses owed to the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Whaat can i say, at the same time asserted only smartphones fabricated by Samsung which is the reason of the Jeep Grand Cherokee which was parked in front of the burned home.

Named by Ubergizmo, Nathan says that at this instant, he was in charge Smartphone Galaxy Note 7 in the car. Once inside the home, Nathan with his wife to leave the car to enter elements in the home. But who would have thought, shortly after that the couple began moving the stuff, appear sparks seen which in the window of the car.

Nathan had also taken of panic in the incident. He was immediately called his wife, Lydia to take immediately the extinguisher stocked in the home. But put out the fire which they are going to make proved to be vain. Even before the redemption of action as they made, the noise rather strong explosion of the car. They were finally relinquished to see the animal burning Jeep.

After this incident, Lydia took some photographs. These include the Galaxy Note Smartphone photograph 7 which burned. The new telephone was more recognizable. And until now, there was not Samsung contacts the couple. Including Verizon, both couples buy the telephone Galaxy Note 7.

This accident was terrible. and This brand have some weakness for battery charge.
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