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Now its over...Blackberry stop making phoness own phones

Blackberry stop making phones
Blackberry stop making phones

Thank you for your Innovation, Blackberry. - Bye, bye BlackBerry! It’s Officially, BlackBerry Ltd., the Canada company that developed the smart phone and dependent hordes of street fighters to the “CrackBerry,” has ceased making its famous devices.The company announced on Wednesday, September 28, that it will no longer be making its own phones.

the smartphone maker will now rely on other manufacturers to make the devices and will continue to focus its attention on software.

Lastly conceding beat in a fight missing long ago to Apple company Inc. and New samsung Electronic devices Co., BlackBerry is passing over manufacture of the mobile phones to international associates and switching its full attention to the more successful and increasing software company. It’s the formalization of a move in the making since Chief Executive Officer  John Chen took over nearly three years ago and contracted some manufacturing to Foxconn Technology Group. Getting the money-losing smart phone company off BlackBerry’s guides will also make it simpler for the company to continually hit productivity.

“This is the completion of their exit,” said Colin Gillis, an analyst at BGC Partners. “Chen is a software CEO historically. He’s getting back to what he knows best: higher margins and recurring revenue.”

Smart technical users were first able to get their hands on BlackBerrys in 1999. The laptop key-board was a favorite, and it was the first phone to incorporate email. However, sales have dropped in the past few years thanks to its main opponent, The apple company. In Apr, Lot of money revealed that The apple company sold more cell phones per day than BlackBerry did in one one fourth.

"Remember back in those days people were debating which one is better, ie: Apple vs BlackBerry?" said some comment tweeted following the news on Wednesday.

Licensing Agreement

BlackBerry said it smitten a contract with an Indonesian company to make and distribute branded devices. a lot of deals area unit within the works with Chinese and Indian manufacturers. it'll still style smartphone applications and an extra-secure version of Alphabet Inc.’s Android OS.

“I suppose the market has spoken and I’m simply listening,” Chen said in a very discussion with journalists. “You have to develop to what your durability is and our durability is actually in the software and business and protection.”

The new strategy can improve margins and will really increase the amount of BlackBerry-branded phones sold, Chen said, as makers license the name that also holds appreciable sway in rising markets like indonesia, African nation and Nigeria.

“This is that the method on behalf of me to confirm the BlackBerry complete remains on a tool,” bird genus said.

Although BlackBerry’s Newest phone, the DTEK50, was already nearly fully outsourced, the move could be a huge symbolic step for an organization that when reached a market price of $80 billion. Today, it’s worth about $4.3 billion.

Keyboard Fans

When the BlackBerry 850 was published in 1999, it married a efficient key-board with e-mail ability and basically brought in the modern smart phone era. With a exclusive os known for its water tight security, the mobile phones became popular and extended the day onto commuter teaches and into dining places and homes. They were an immediate hit with business and leads of state as well. President Barack Obama was increasingly dedicated to his, but finally cast off it a few months ago, allegedly for a New samsung.

In 2007, the iPhone came out with its touchscreen display screen interface and app store. People at first said they didn’t want to give up BlackBerry’s key-board and ease. But the attract of applications eventually sent almost all its users to mobile phones running Android operating system or iOS.

“It was unavoidable at this point; they didn’t have the unit amounts to maintain the company viably,” said Matthew Kanterman, an specialist with Bloomberg Intellect. “This is increasing down on the initiatives to focus on software which is really what their strength is.” BlackBerry delivered only 400,000 mobile phones in its financial second one fourth, half what it purchased from the same period last season. Apple marketed more than 40 million iPhones last quarter.

A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian — who has been a fan for decades — published about her dearest BlackBerry splitting down. "Sooo my blackberry strong passed away. I can’t discover any longer on eBay. I realized this day would come & to be sincere I’m ready. But the real query is … Do I try a different type of blackberry? Or dump it all together? Or a different cellphone like Samsung?" the Self-centered writer, 35, tweeted on Aug 4. "I need 2 mobile phones. Because I really like having 2 different cellphone solutions so I always have a functional cellphone."

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