Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rows of the Ridiculous Device Present Possible in 2017 - IFA Berlin is an event for suppliers to showcase the latest technologies from smartphones, tablets, smartwatch and other devices that pretty ridiculous. Some of these tools are expected to begin to be present in 2017, as reported by Android Pit, on Wednesday (09/14/2016). 

The first impression that comes from the view of this device at first glance seems like a regular belt. But when you look closer, there will appear micro USB socket on the belt of the head. The functions provided by Welt among others, to measure the waist, not count and calculate the length of the stand. In addition, he was also able to report what was the meal and of course keep users from being oversized pants.

The data can obtained then be viewed via a USB connection with a device that has attached special applications. 


Prinker is a tool that can print tattoos instantly and transferred via Android smartphones.

To use Prinker is pretty easy. Users only need to download multiple pictures you want to be tattooed, then sent him to Prinker. After that, it is capable of printing images based on data transferred into the skin. While images can be printed on the skin, using hypoallergenic Prinker paint. Tattoos generated by this tool is temporary. Therefore, the image will only last for a few days.

SGNL This bracelet can turn his hand to a communication tool. SGNL based on the basic principle of physics that carry voice across a surface. The projection contained in this bracelet produce vibrations of the diaphragm on the speakers.

The difference is, the sound of which flowed to him not through the air but through the user's wrist.

So by putting the fingertip into the ear canal, the user can listen to the sound that is connected via smart phones. In the bracelet, there are five LED lights that display the percentage of battery power and can also assign frequently used numbers.

With so users no longer need to pass the smartphone of its pocket just to make calls to certain numbers.
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