Monday, September 12, 2016

Samsung Explain the Reasons of Explosion Galaxy Note7

Explosion Galaxy Note7
Explosion Galaxy Note7 - Just a few weeks after entering the market, the Galaxy Note 7 reportedly exploded in several countries. Samsung was forced to pull the phablet and investigate the reasons behind the incident to avoid events that happen again.

As promised, Samsung finally explain its investigation of the reasons for the explosion Galaxy Note 7. As expected cause of the explosion is located in the battery created subsidiary Samsung SDI.

Furthermore, Samsung English website explains that the batteries were overheating occurs when the anode and cathode contact. It is claimed to be an error process plant which is very rare. In addition, Samsung added that the explosion had received 35 customer complaints. A total of 17 occurred in Korea, 17 in the US and one in Taiwan. The company said "no one was reported injured globally". 

Despite knowing that production errors, Samsung still did not want to put the fault on SDI. "Unfortunately, we could not confirm this (blame) because we work with several suppliers," the cap of Samsung.
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