Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Exploding Samsung Galaxy S7 Reported again in the UK

Exploding Samsung Galaxy S7 Reported in the UK
Exploding Samsung Galaxy S7, LONDON - Having some bad news about the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 exploding, this time is coming from the explosion incident predecessor the Galaxy S7. The incident experienced by a woman in a cafe, in the UK. Reported The Sun , Wednesday (14/09/2016), the incident began when a woman named Sarah Crockett, is charging her smartphone Galaxy S7 . Operated under moderate conditions, she felt the Galaxy S7 becomes hot.

Knowing something was wrong with her cell-phone and then put it on the table. After a few minutes the phone suddenly smoke. She then immediately save themselves by running away from her cell-phone. "My cell phone suddenly expands in my hand and felt hot. 

I put it on the table, in some time the smoke had billowed everywhere and I shy away," said Sarah. 

The result of the exploison to Sarah is, forced her to lose all photos album that was four years old and of course smartphones costing GBP750

She then reported it to the local Samsung. According to the spokesperson, Samsung said that the current incidents involving the Galaxy S7 is still unknown. 

"The issue is still under investigation and a team of our service centers still need to communicate further with the consumer is concerned," she said.
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