Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Stripped down, this iPhone 7 Pricing of Component details - A number of improvement embedded in the iPhone 7 to makes higher selling prices. But you know, this phone is made ​​for the cost of components is far from the selling price. 

Page CNN Money , Wednesday (09/21/2016), trying to calculate how much it cost Apple spend when assembling his new phone. The calculations are based on the general price of the components used in the successor of the iPhone 6S. 

The costs are calculated include: 
- Screen = USD 37 
- Battery = USD 4 
- Camera = USD 26 
- Logic board = USD 74 
- Speaker = USD 11.5 
- Casing = USD 22 
- another section = USD 117.52 

The other part consists of a number of sensors, baseband and others. With all of calculated, an iPhone 7 with a capacity of 128 GB only spend USD 292 or about. While the selling price in the market reached USD 749.

While previously, IHS Markit also try to predict production costs 32 GB iPhone 7 on the market valued US $ 649. 

Where IHS Markit said the total cost of manufacture of the unit iPhone 7 includes the manufacturing costs of approximately $ 224.80.

The question arises, why is Apple so great to take advantage of the mobile phone unit it sells. Keep in mind the cost of making the above does not include the salaries of employees who have been pouring sweat to make the mobile phone. 

Not to mention the cost of research and developement of devices and operating systems. Plus the cost of marketing, distribution and others. As a result, Apple then set prices high enough for the new mobile phone.
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