Sunday, September 18, 2016

This 4 Excellence for Dual Camera Smartphone - Dual cameras on smartphones currently on the rise. This year is a number of new smartphone comes with dual cameras, call it some of them such as LG G5, Huawei P9 to the latest iPhone 7 Plus.

Each vendor offers advantages possessed camera products. For example, LG G5 comes with an ultra-wide angle lens and Huawei P9 flirting with a monochrome camera from Leica.

In terms of performance, dual camera system is not a mere trick to be used as a hoax by the vendor. it just like we wanna make cell phone comparison for Camera.

As quoted from Wired, Sunday (18/09/2016), if done correctly, cooperation pair of sensors and lenses can overcome some of the major limitations of the smartphone camera.

One of them has a trick post-capture special or can give more captured and touches on the camera .

Just like a new trend, of course many people curious what are the advantages of multiple cameras on smartphones. Well for that, accumulate all of them.

1. Larger Sensor 

The biggest drawback smartphone when compared with DSLR cameras and compact high-end is the size of the sensor. Smartphone has a small sensor, while arguably a big sensor means capable of presenting a better image quality.

However, there are many variables that determine, such as pixel density and image-processing and the quality of the lens used.

But simply put, a larger sensor has larger photosites and smart. Great photosites perform much better in the dark and take detail.

So using two small sensors, smartphone cameras can simulate the effect of a larger sensor.

This is important, because it puts a large sensor in the phone has a challenge in terms of thickness and size of the lens.

Armed with two sensors, providing twice the wider area for a cell phone to gather information and light.

This means, among others, could produce better images in dim conditions and HDR. Dual sensor can also increase the speed and accuracy of autofocus.

Zoom Better

2. Results zoom nicer 

The best way to zoom with a smartphone camera is actually a photograph position should be closer to the object. But of course you do not want to bother to do that, is not it?

Dual camera can be the best way to make optical zoom into mobile devices. As is owned by LG G5, which combines smartphone camera 'normal' with super wide-angle.

Optical zoom is a good way to magnify distant objects by using the lens.

3. Dept of Field (DoF)

Today's smartphones can take a lot of nice pictures, especially during the day. But one thing that can not be imitated is sharp space or can be called DoF.

Almost impossible to make a combination of lens and sensor which can provide a nice DoF like a professional camera.

But with two lenses, makes it possible to measure the depth of information that can be used effectively mimic DoF after image processing. Additionally, you can also adjust the desired amount of DoF.

Professional Photographers 

4. Be professional photographers with a smartphone 

A good photographer can do it with a stout smartphone camera. But there's no harm in trying the others, if you can deliver better results.

Each camera vendors certainly be presenting their respective advantages and different from the others.

Armed with a number of advantages, you can be more creative and professional photographers style tub with dual camera smartphone.
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