Friday, October 14, 2016

Dropbox Already Support iOS 10 This is newest features - The most famous application cloud services today, Dropbox release just had an update for iOS users. In the update is over, there are several new features specifically for iOS users 10. The Guns just one, but Dropbox give five new features at once. Like signatures in PDF documents, For documents in iMessage, widgets, and two other features.

Well, first, you now need to bother guns again if want combine document by means of signature. You see, in this latest udate late, you already can add a virtual signatures directly on your mobile phone you know. How, you just open the PDF document, signed pesil icon and select 'Add Text or Signature'.

Continue, because already supporting iOS 10 guns forget to make sure Dropbox adding widget feature. In this Dropbox widget, you can instantly ngakses some features, like uploading photos, take some photos and direct saving until to make file in Dropbox.

You can already split the documents in Dropbox-mu via iMessage via Dropbox application extension whose names Dropbox for iMessage. You can see the list of documents that you can save in Dropbox directly from iMessage, and you can instantly share to all your friends.

You can also collaborating with your friend when you made a document, you are going to fit your friend get notification to editing and saving document. Additionally, Dropbox already support Picture-in-Picture and also there for your iPad. So you can watch your videos on Dropbox save fit you anymore to open other applications. What a cool Application.
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