Monday, October 10, 2016

Facebook debuts Workplace, Social Networking for Companies

Facebook launched Workplace
Facebook launched Workplace - After spending 20 months in a version closed beta code-named " Facebook at Work", on Monday (10/10/2016) Facebook inaugurate a new social network called Workplace, 

Workplace is a social messaging services and new media focusing on the corporation and professional and can be used internally by the company. The author mentions Workplace as a version of " Facebook for the organization." 

"We see that Facebook connects you with friends and family, then he can do the same thing with colleagues," said Facebook in the introduction Workplace , as summarized KompasTekno BBC pages Tuesday (11/10/2016). 

Display Workplace itself like a leading social network Facebook , the News Feed, Reactions, Trending Post, as well as video streaming and messaging features. Users can also share in the Group or through chat services.

Its function is similar to Yammer, Microsoft social network that can be used internally by the company. Also similar to Slack, a messaging service for professional purposes.

Looking ahead, Workplace plans to add features "shared space" that allows users to collaborate with people from other companies. 

Workplace by Facebook
Workplace by Facebook

Workplace is available in desktop and mobile versions. During the period of closed beta, the service has collected more than 1,000 companies, including the names of multinationals, such as Danone and Starbucks as well as non-profit organizations, such as Oxfam. 

Some 100,000 group called was created by users inside, which could reach hundreds thousand employees per company. 

Facebook charge a subscription fee for the Workplace based on the number of monthly active users in a company. The figure of 3 dollars for 1,000 users first, then 2 dollars for the user to 1001-10000, and US $ 1 for the amount so on. 

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