Thursday, October 13, 2016

Former Apple boss Comment About 'Death' Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 , Cupertino - Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now exists in name only. Yes, the Android-based smartphones made in South Korean tech giant has now been 'dead'.

As of Tuesday (10/11/2016), global sales of Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued permanently. This Failure Galaxy Note 7 in the smartphone industry public was getting  attention to some former officials of famous technology companies, including Apple's former CEO, John Sculley. 

Reported by the South China Morning Post page on CNBC on Thursday (13/10/2016), Sculley helped concerned with 'disaster' experienced by Samsung. Such cases like this is not expected by him so as not recur in other companies. 

'Hopefully this is a lesson for Samsung and others,' says Sculley. 

Men who had served as CEO of Apple in 1983-1993 is also said that Samsung is one of the technology companies to design the best components. Case Galaxy Note 7 explosion happened lately Santer, according instead of the faulty design of components. 

'Samsung has the most excellent design components in their devices. I think the problem that (explosion) actually comes from the production process, 'he continued. 

Samsung itself does not reveal about why their device could explode. It also did not disclose how the battery manufacturing process Galaxy Note 7 takes place. 

Freeze Galaxy Note 7 intended for the safety of consumers. Samsung also will ask to all companies and global retail partners to stop selling and replacement of the smartphone when the investigation took place.
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