Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Google employs Amazon executive to develop its new phones

He's going to lead the company's Pixel division.

Google Pixel

Gadgethemes.com Google has employed one of the key employees in Amazon's hardware division, according to The Information. The Big G has obviously joined David Foster to Promote (no, not the composer) to head up the growth and growth of its Pixel mobile phones and fill a new position in the Company. He's now Google's vice chairman of product enginering, underlining Mountain View's bigger focus on hardware going forward. David was with Amazon.com for five years, leading hardware development of the Echo speakers, the Kindle Paperwhite and Voyage, among other devices at Lab126.

That lab, as you might know, is Amazon's formerly secret elements service, which was initially established to develop the Amazon kindle e-readers. It eventually produced not just the Echo sound system, but also the Company's other gadgets, such as the Dash buttons, Fire Tablets, TV and even the late Fire phone. The last one turned out to be a huge fail -- Amazon kept cutting its prices for a year in an effort to move stocks before eliminating the item completely. Due to its failing, the Company decided to shelf its follow up and several other tasks in the pipeline.

Before Amazon, Foster worked on hardware for Microsoft, helping make the Microsoft zune HD. He was also with Apple for five decades, developing elements components for its devices. It's not clear what role he performed in creating the Pixel mobile phones Google is expected to expose the next day. But the Company's future gadgets will have his finger prints all over them.

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