Friday, October 7, 2016

How to Avoid Mobile Phone Battery Explosion

Smartphone explotion is always be a disaster for the owners.

Phone Battery ilustration
Phone Battery ilustration -  Lately, often we hear the news about the smartphone explosion and wounding the owner. For example, recently the Samsung Galaxy Note7 exploison most discussed because the battery to explode.

Samsung Company limped the latest product of the market. Once solved, it turns out there was a fatal error on a component that smartphone battery. 

Looking from the above cases, we actually can avoid it happening on our cell phones. The following reviewing tips to reduce the potential for the hit cell phone batteries.

This is some tips how to make your phone safety from explotion :

1. Use Original Battery Manufacturer

In addition to using original batteries from the manufacturer, the battery was the purchase of a replacement brand that has a good reputation. 

Sometimes many of us are tempted by the price of cheap batteries. But consider also how much costs incurred if your phone is damaged. No, don't you even believe with copies product.

2. Don't Leave your mobile in a hot Place 

Leave a mobile phone that is currently in-charge somewhere hot, that will trigger the overheating. Environmental temperature greatly affect battery life. Because, the batteries are made from Lithium explosive. When stored in a hot spot, it will accelerate the process of blasting. 

3. Charge your phones in place of Ventilated 

With good circulation, the flow of hot air will be distributed out. Automatic wind will reduce the risk of the hit of the battery.

4. Charge your mobile phone When the battery is below 50 percent 

Potential Li-ion battery exploded apparently could be greater if the low voltage conditions. When fully charged, the battery condition is actually relatively hot because just in-charge. For that, the content of the condition when the battery is almost discharged or its own temperature relatively cool.
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