Tuesday, October 4, 2016

How to Enjoy the Video Call feature in BBM

Gadgethemes.com - in addition to instant messaging services, Video Call is now also a favorite feature so users. Well, this time the official feature present in one of the most popular instant messaging service in Indonesia, IE BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). 

This Video Call Feature FUEL apparently accidentally rolled out BlackBerry party exclusively for the users of the Asia-Pacific region first, considering most users FUEL originated in this region. 

According to the information received from the parties Liputan6.com Tekno BBM, Tuesday (4\/10\/1999), the Video Call feature is present along with the update of the existing FUEL in the iOS and Android devices.

This service can be used by all users of FUEL in Indonesia for free. Hence, how to use these features? 

First, make sure that the FUEL you have updated to the latest version. After that, select the contacts you want to invite BBM Video Call. 

Afterwards, in menu screen chat (in the upper right corner) will appear the icon of the video. Tap the icon and voila! You are already connected to the Video Call feature.

In addition to launching a Video Call feature, the BlackBerry also reveal some new features coming soon in the next few months. 

One is using the fuel account registration phone numbers. This feature answers the desires of users who prefer wearing a phone number for registration, rather than an email address. 

This feature also makes it easy to add a new user account in the list of contacts to FUEL. Thus, so contacts are aligned, the FUEL account registered with the phone number will appear in your contact list.

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