Monday, October 10, 2016

Home Button Samsung Galaxy 8 will be like iPhone 7

Home Button Samsung Galaxy 8 - Samsung touted to have a new design for the Galaxy Note 8. In this new design, The giant electronics of South Korean will remove the physical Home button. 

Samsung make a step like Apple which deletes the physical Home button on the iPhone 7 . However, until now unclear as to whether the button will be embedded as a substitute for the Home button on the Samsung Galaxy S8. 

Information summarized Gadgethemes from GSM Arena , Tuesday (10/11/2016), said that there are two possible surrogate keys. 

First, Samsung considering a replacement in the form of panel buttons touch that can not be clicked, and it contains a fingerprint scanner. In short, the form of the Home button is similar to that found in the iPhone 7

Secondly, there is also the possibility of Samsung completely eliminating physical buttons on the front of the screen. The goal is that the entire front surface S8 Galaxy unbiased screen, without the interference of a button. 

If the second possibility is realized, it could be Samsung pinning the Home button and other navigation as virtual buttons that appear on the screen. While the fingerprint scanner will be moved to a special place, separate from the Home button. 

Besides about the Home button, the leaks that exist also mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a double main camera lens. Brain processing will use the mobile phone chipset Samsung Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon chip 830. Each performance is divided into 50 to 50. 

So far, the new leaks about specs are revealed. Not yet clear when Samsung will start selling Galaxy S8. But there is a possibility that the company will release it in February 2017 and began selling it in March 2017. 

Just to know, now Samsung is handling the problem of defects in the product Galaxy Note 7 brand. Companies are already withdrawing unit that have problem, but the phone has been declared safe replacement was still bursting into flames.

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