Saturday, October 8, 2016

This is 4 Tips to Avoid Malware on Android Devices

Malware on Android Devices
Malware on Android Devices Downloading and installing an application seems to be one way malware get into our Android phones. Well, because malware riding on an app, users must have become increasingly difficult to determine whether the application is downloadable free from malware or not. Given Android users often download apps through the Google Play Store or from a third party, it is so imperative that they know how to avoid malware. 

Quoting the Tech Times, Saturday (8\/10\/2016), here are some tips that can be done to avoid malware on your Android device. 

1. Download the applications from Trusted Page 

The first easy way is to download an application that securely through Google Play Store. Of various applications in Google Play Store ever prompted to choose an application that is completely safe. 

One of them with the check or read a review the application before downloading it. Because, they are exposed to malware because downloading the application, usually no further toward checking the application--the origin of the download only. But it could be another user already wrote it in the comments field. 

2. Be sure to always use the latest OS 

The second step is to always make sure that you use the latest version of the operating system available on Android devices. 

Typically, Google and Smartphones always delivers notifications, if any software updates. Well, this software update is generally accompanied with bug fixes to keep your device more secure. 

3. activate the VPN while use public Wi-Fi 

Who does not want to use the internet for free? Certainly nobody rejects using public Wi-Fi isn't it? 

Even so, security firm Trend Micro advises users to always enable the VPN while wearing public Wi-Fi network. The goal is to protect your data when devices are receiving and sending data through encryption. 

4. Use Reliable Antivirus 

Using a trusted antivirus application is one way of ensuring that an Android device you stay safe. You can choose one of the various names, from reliable antivirus Avast, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc. 

Then, you also can choose the most convenient and suitable for use. For information, some companies also presents the complete package for a mobile device to a computer with a subscription fee per year.

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