Friday, October 7, 2016

Your perfect sleep may be possible with iBand wearable for lucid dreaming

iBand wearable for lucid dreaming
iBand wearable for lucid dreaming is being able to desire lucidly something you’ve, well, imagined about? There’s a new Kickstarter venture that might be able to help with that. Getting iBand+, a new type of wearable that’s not so worried about what you do while you’re conscious, but greatly enthusiastic about where you go when you’re sleeping. Described as a “dream-inducing wearable,” the iBand+ statements to allow customers to “experience Lucid dreams’ while assisting them rest better and simpler.

Comprised of an iBand+ headband, cushion speaker, and a intelligent partner app, this set desires to deal with the rest and wakefulness conditions affect some 70 million U.S. grown ups. And it all begins with your goals. After all, the iBand+ group says, “dreams are the best and most genuine VR experience; a world with no rules and consequences.” And obviously, lucid hoping in particular can help enhance a good creativity, problem-solving, and vocabulary abilities. Looks like some individuals really do their best perform while unconscious.

So how does the iBand+ work? The scarf performs an important role in tracking and examining users’ brainwaves, movement, pulse rate, and bodies temperature as they rest. To check for lucid dreaming, the scarf keeps tabs on the REM level of rest, enjoying audio-visual hints as soon as customers hit this most complete level of rest. By delivering simple external stimulating elements of light styles via the headband’s LEDs and emitting sound from pillow speakers, iBand+ claims it can make sleepers aware that they are dreaming without getting up. Moreover, iBand+ means to help customers achieve a further relaxing state by enjoying music that wisely adapts to various rest stages.

But of course, like any good wearable, the iBand+ also tracks your fitness levels, even while you’re not doing anything actually effective. The scarf guarantees that its information can help provide “a glimpse into the user’s psychological and physical state that could reveal potential wellness insurance insomnia.” You’ll be able to access all these details via the iBand+ smart app, which not only “recommends suitable audio-visual techniques for clear dreaming, rest enhancement, and intelligent alert apps,” but also allows users to monitor their rest enhancement over time, “displaying daily health and sleep information in an easily interpretable structure with graphs and ratings.”

“[The] iBand+ is not a inactive tracking system. It is an active sleep and dreams inducer that watches and examines information about the mind and body throughout the sleep cycle, and accurately generates audio-visual sensory stimuli to help you sleep and dream,” said Samir Raut, the creator of iBand+. “We truly believe that iBand+ will help enhance people’s quality of life.”
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