Sunday, November 6, 2016

Galaxy Note 7 are not exchange will its Blocked - Many owners of Galaxy Note 7 that did not want to exchange their devices. Samsung also took decisive steps, they will block internet connection Galaxy Note 7 is still in active use. 

For starters, Samsung in cooperation with cellular operators in New Zealand would cut off internet access and cellular connections Galaxy Note 7 from 18 November. 

thus, after 18 November 2016, the entire Galaxy Note 7 in New Zealand will not be used to access the internet from any carrier. In addition, they also would be limited to phone calls and send SMS. 

Information summarized from Cnet said that firm action was taken because there are a number of users who are desperate to wear the Galaxy Note 7. In fact, , enterprise and carrier telekomukasi New Zealand have urged them to restore the mobile phone. Samsung also has a software update to restrict battery Galaxy Note 7 only filled 60 percent only when recharged. "the telecom operator has contacted the owner of the Galaxy Note 7 and asked him to return the phone are to be exchanged with a replacement unit or refund . 

The action cut off Internet access should be able to help pull the entire phone left, "explained the CEO of New Zealand Telecommunications Forum, Geoff Thorn. Up to now not known whether Samsung will also implement similar measures in other countries, like the United States or Indonesia. Because the people who refused to return the Galaxy Note 7 was not only exist in New Zealand, but spread also in other countries. 

Some time ago, dozens of users complained that the Galaxy Note 7 hers suddenly catch fire or explode. Samsung then respond to the complaint to withdraw all units of Galaxy Note 7 to be exchanged with a replacement unit safer. Along withdrawal, it is known that the fire and explosion on the phone caused by a defect in the battery. After the replacement unit, similar cases still occur. Galaxy Note 7 which has been exchanged and declared safe by Samsung still burning. The giant South Korean technology it was decided to stop all production of Galaxy Note 7. 

Users who are still using the phone is asked to immediately return it. But not everyone complied with that request the return of the unit , Some even make a special group on Facebook , consisted of people who agreed to refuse to return the Galaxy Note 7. The group started to be opened on October 12, 2016 by Jay Ringgold coming from California, United States. Until now, members have reached approximately 740 people.
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