Saturday, January 28, 2017

4 Ways How to solve Memory Android Fullness - Share your smartphone users, often there is a notification that is quite disturbing that says that your phone's memory capacity is almost full. In fact, sometimes the extra memory alone is still not enough to meet the needs of mobile memory gadgeteers.

If gadgeteers also frequently experience this problem, then there are several steps you can do to cope gadgeteers.

Sync your photos and videos to Google Photos

How to Overcome Memory

Upload photos and videos to online media storage service like Google Photos can be one solution to keep your photos and videos gadgeteers without requiring too much memory. But we recommend using Wi-Fi service is currently uploading gadgeteers as this can take a considerable amount of data.

Deleting movies and music services offline

In addition to photos and videos, movies and music are two things that are eating the most memory on the phone. We recommend using the service to watch online and do not forget to remove the film already gadgeteers watch for adding memory on the phone.

Clear app cache

How Clear app cache
How Clear app cache

Cache is an existing data from applications and often takes quite a lot of memory. To remove it, gadgeteers just need to the "Settings", "Storage", then select "Apps", then select the option "Clear Cache". Take it easy because it is not going to give a lot of influence on the application.

Clear data from browser

How Clear data from browser

Just as cache and the data in the application, the browser often store many things that makes the memory is full. To remove it, simply go to the "Settings", "Privacy", then select "Clear Browsing Data".

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