Friday, January 27, 2017

Android Pattern Lock Can Still unlocked

Android Pattern Lock - Security functions Android by using pattern lock now has become one of the favorite choice for Android users in securing their mobile phones. Users can freely take four to nine points are there to make their security pattern, so that the pattern can be used can be very simple, but it can also be tricky.This is problem.

Although the pattern may have been made with as complicated as possible, a number of researchers from Lancaster University have discovered a weakness of security functions with a pattern, even with a fairly simple way.

With the video recording device, the researchers succeeded in uncovering the pattern used by the user. Simply by recording the movement of the hand that is created when a user opens a pattern, the researchers were able to read the security pattern is used. In addition, in order to do so, the tape does not need to show the phone screen.

In addition, the researchers also uses an algorithm to reconstruct the pattern lock. From experiments with 120 unique patterns of 215 users, 95 percent of trials declared successful in less than five times the experiment.

Another surprising for this case from the experiment is that the pattern is more complicated it is easier to be cracked as compared with a much simpler pattern. The proof is, of the experiments conducted, 97.5 percent were rated intricate patterns can be cracked only with a trial.

Because of these findings, the researchers recommend to users to do not use a pattern to lock your important information. Another way to maintain security is covered by hand when unlocking. so the movement is not easy to read.
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