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How to Root android phone without Computer/PC New

Root android without PC - It is now easy to root your android phone without computer/PC. This sharing with our working root smartphone without pc tricks. Get the answer of your query how to root android phone without pc and get best working root without pc apk. Our visitors daily ask us, email us regarding how to root android phone without pc. So here on the special demand of Qd Tricks visitors, we are sharing all new working methods to root android without pc. You can enjoy this best apps made for rooted android mobile after successfully rooting your android device.

It's now simple way tricks of how to root android phone without Computer/PC. Get the answer of your question how to root android phone without pc and get greatest root work without pc apk. Our visitors daily ask us, e-mail us about how to root Android telephone without pc.So here on the special need of Qd Tricks visitors, we're sharing all new systems that are working to root android without pc.

It's possible for you to appreciate this greatest programs made for android that is frozen cellular telephone after rooting your android apparatus.

Most of us have heard about all trick Android rooting phones. Even if the answer is magnificant or not, is not going happen, because by the time you finish reading this article, you would get well versed with android rooting and the methods to root android without pc.

Developers employ various tricks from their sleeve to root without pc or computer. Here we have shared all the working methods which can help you to root you android device without connecting it to computer. But before you get to know on how to root android phone without pc or computer, you have to know what android rooting is and how much effective it can be.

What is Android Rooting?

Android is an OS (i.e. open source OS) where you won’t be having full or complete root access to perform various functions on your smartphone. Rooting is a procedure where one can cross over the limitations and get full access to the OS. Now this rooting would help one to get access to the root of the OS and even provide the basic ability to create global changes. There are various methods available to root your android devices easily. But here we have shared some of the best new working methods. Our tricks to root without pc is absolutely working for most of the device. We have also shared some of the best root without pc apk in this article. Do read the all the instruction carefully before rooting your android device. After rooting it, you can install this rooted apps in you android mobile.

Advantages of Android Rooting

  • One of the biggest advantages of root android device is having free and abundant internal memory. Yes! Individuals often struggle with low internal memory, but by rooting their phone, they can transfer any apps from the internal memory to the SD card.
  • In addition, you would be able to use the latest and current Android operating system. Simply by rooting android device, it would provide you with the option to set up any future and current operating system by just installing the custom and tailor-made ROM.
  • The most powerful and attractive benefit to root without pc is the ability to customise ROM. There are thousands of custom and qualitative ROM which can help in doing various things right from speeding up the processing ability of your smartphone to modifying the entire options, looks and feel of the phone. Isn’t that great?
  • Another interesting advantage of android device rooting is that you can run various special apps. You could easily install variety of apps which are compatible along with the rooted smartphones. For example, you could easily uninstall various inbuilt apps after you have root accessed by simply using the uninstall option. Check out this article if you lost any files from your android device and wants to recover it.

Disadvantage of Android Rooting

- One of the biggest disadvantages of rooting is that you could end up voiding the warranty of the phone. That is why some people avoid it. To root means getting your phone bricked. This is the most common disadvantage of using the rooting procedure.

- No matter how much expert or best you are in using the best tutorial in rooting, there is no doubt that it is simply just a daunting task. So, in case if you pass out any step or flash the corrupt zip file, then you could end up with a broken or bricked smartphone.

How To Root Android Phone Without PC?

Root Android without Computer
Root Android without Computer
It is very SIMPLE when you rooting your android mobile without the use of computer. We've shared a few of the most effective strategies for it. We add new means of rooting and frequently update this systems.It is very easy to root you android mobile without the use of computer. We regularly update this methods and add new methods for rooting. The shared tricks are the best trick for rooting your device without the use of PC. If you have any doubts, or wants any help regarding rooting, or stuck at any point, you can contact us at anytime. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Now let’s move to the methods, here we have listed our the name of all methods to root without pc:

10 Methods To Root Android Without PC

  1. Employing Framaroot
  2. Universal Androot
  3. KingoRoot
  4. iRoot
  5. Easy Rooting Toolkit App
  6. Baidu Root
  7. CF Auto root
  8. vRoot
  9. List Of Devices Successfully Rooted
Explaining for the list above.

Employing Framaroot To Root Without PC

First step would be to download the particular Framaroot app to your PC or smartphone: Download Framaroot Application

Install Framaroot Apk

Now in case you have downloaded the file to your computer, then you need to copy the APK file into the smartphone memory. In case if you have downloaded into the phone, make sure to move it to a specific folder. Once that is done, then you need to install the Framaroot from the given apk file.

Install Superuser

Here you need to select the ‘Install Superuser’ option which is present in the Framaroot.
Framaroot Apk root
Framaroot Apk root

Select Exploits

Then you can select any of the given exploits which would appear in the applications.

Click on Root Button, It will show you a success message.

Now you may have to wait and in case you see this message “Success, SU binary and Superuser installed“, it means that your rooted app is successfully installed and you would have to reboot the system in order to use it. Finally you are done with the process of root android without pc methods.

Message of Framaroot Apk

But if you get a failed message, then there is another exploit method to root android without computer. Check out this best android apps which you must have in your android mobile.

Universal Androot

There are various ways for how to root android without computer but the regular methods can be quite complicated. Androot is simple app that could easily help in rooting the Android phone with the simple downloading and installing without the use of the PC. It is so far an easy and working methods to root any android device without computer.

How To Root Without PC Using Universal Androot?

Check Unknown Sources In Settings

First go to the Settings option of your Android Device and selects the Application option. Here you need to click the check box for Unknown source and save it.

Now download and install the app called Universal Androot

Click On Root Option

Once it is success, then you need to launch the app into your cell phone and click on the Root option. You must make sure that you select the right version of the Android cell phone.
Universal Androot APK

Android Phone Is Rooted

Your Android phone is now successfully Rooted. You can now share this trick with your friend who is looking for the query “how to root android without pc“.

Let’s check this best rooted apps which you can now install in your device as your device has been rooted.

Kingo Root To Root Android Phone Without PC

KingRoot is the new application to root any android device without computer. It is the best one click android root apk and it is totally free to download and use. They have both PC & Apk version of their software. They offers the fastest and easiest android rooting experience. It supports almost every device and its having the highest success rate. Their application will save you the trouble of connecting to pc. In just a few steps you will get your android phone rooted.

Kingo Root APK

Kingo Root Offers Following Features

  1. Kingo Root on Windows
  2. KingoRoot On Android
  3. Kingo SuperUser
  4. Kingo Super Battery
  5. Steps To Root Android Using KingoRoot Android App
Steps To Root Android Using KingoRoot Android App

  1. First go to settings and check for “Unknown Sources” in Security options
  2. Download KingoRoot app from here
  3. Install the KingoRoot app and open it
  4. Click on Root option in the app and wait for few seconds, it will root your device without computer withing few seconds.
  5. Once it processed, just restart the device.

This software is developed by Mgyun team who had also released vRoot before. This iRoot application support any android mobile or smartphone. It supports Android 2.2 to 4.4 running devices to root it without the use of computer.
iRoot Device APK

It supports more than 150000 models with various brand names. iRoot uses the most advanced rooting technique which give 95% success rate. You can just root or unroot your android device in just one single click.

Easy Rooting Toolkit App

This is one of the best and new working app to root android phone without pc. This easy rooting toolkit will root your mobile and even install the busybox and su files in your mobile. You must have try this app to easily root your android device.

Easy Rooting Toolkit App

How To Root Using Easy Rooting Toolkit App?

- First download the file from below download link
- Extract all files using any zip extractor
- Go to the folder of extraction and execute the file “RUNME.bat”
- You will get the file as above. Read all the instruction carefully and run it
- Reboot the device after the script finish it execution!

Baido Root 

This is one of the best and popular app to root any android mobile without pc or computer. It can root almost every single android device. As per their website, baidu root have rooted more than 6000 devices till now. They do not use Super SU as they have their own SU permission app.

Baido Root App

Baidu root android without computer

Steps How To Root Android Mobile Without Computer Using Baidu Root

  • First of all download baidu root application from below given download links
  • Now install the apk in your device
  • Open Baidu application in your mobile
  • Just click on Root button inside the app and wait till success bar reach 100%
  • Restart your phone, you android mobile have successfully rooted

CF Auto Root

This is the new android app to root android without pc. This app is developed by chainfire. It can easily root your samsung mobile and other mobile as well. Download the CF Auto Root as per your mobile device. There so many downloads are available here. You just have to pick up the one as per your mobile device. Visit here to get all the list of CF Auto Root.


vRoot is one of the best rooting software to root any android device without pc or computer. This tool is developed by Mgyun in China. Officially this tool is released in Chiniese language but later it is translated in English language. This is the easiest tool to root android device without pc.

 The latest version of the vRoot is compatible with more than 8000 android devices and also support for newest version of android device.

How to Check Whether Your Android Phone Is Rooted Or Not?

After rooting your android device you need to check whether it is successfully rooted or not. For that you have to follow below given steps:

Download Root Checker app to know and verify the phone is rooted or not.

Root Checker app

Gadgethemes is not at all responsible for mistakes happened in while rooting you device”

List Of Devices Successfully Rooted By Our Root Android Without PC Methods

1Alcatel one touch fierce
2Alcatel 992D
4Samsung galaxy S3
5Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7102
6Walton Primo
7Lava iris 454
8Droid X
9Samsung Galaxy note 2
10Canvas HD
11Samsung Infuse 4g
12micromax a89
14karbonn a4+
15spice coolpad
16Rooted Lava Iris 402
17Alcatel OT 4030D
18Acer Liquid Z3
19Alcatel OT-4033D (POP C3)
20Alcatel MPop
21A919duo myphone
22Samsung galaxy proclaim
23celkon signature a107
24celkon signature a118
25Celkon a119 HD
26galaxy duos s7572
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