Monday, January 30, 2017

How To Root Android Without PC Completely Easy, So Powerful !!! How To Root Android Without PC ? - Smartphone Android is already creeping in various circles of society, even that dominate most of the Indonesian population is the Android OS users. The Android operating system is believed to have its own appeal, perhaps because too flexibility. However, not all systems can be managed easily, usually has been locked by the manufacturer.

To overcome this is by way of root android. you will be more free to operate parts of the system. How to root android that I will discuss here is root without pc. So you're not too complicated to operate and to prepare the necessary needs.

Then, how to root android? how to root android here requiring supporting applications like framaroot. Framaroot app for android is very nice to root android. So do not have to worry anymore and in this way to root alternatife easily without pc. For the application you can download Framaroot

Curious ho to immediately want to remodel your Android smartphone with what you like.Immediately, the following tutorial Android root without pc .

     How To Root Android Easy

  • First, download the application first at FramaRoot apk
  • Next, extract and install on your Android smartphone 
  • Once successfully installed, open the app FramaRoot
  • So in menu will appear that says "Select an Action to Execute After Root" mean the writing is given the choice of what action you are going to do to root, because it will provide two options of "Superuser" and "Super G".
What is Super User?

Superuser is an application which can modify nearly every part of the system. That way the user will have the authority to behave like administrators can freely use the system.

What is Super SU?

SuperSU is another alternative to gain root access using an application other than the superuser. SuperSU is almost the same as Superuser is able to manage all parts of the system. However, there are features that are not on Superuser that Unroot features. Where Unroot feature can restore your Android smartphone that already tar-root as usual.

  • Choose according to your beliefs J
  • Next will be given 2 options again that "Gandalf" and "arrogant".
  • After choosing one, your Android smartphone will do the rooting process, wait and let stand alone, the root process will not take long.
  • If the rooting process you do succeed, it will be given notice that the process of rooting success. After that, all you have to do is reboot your android smartphone.
  • Congratulations, your android smartphone has been successfully rooted and application menu will appear as you select before "Superuser" or "Super G".
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