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How to unlock the bootloader redmi note 3 pro without sms

Gadgethemes.com - Here we will try to share How to unlock the bootloader Redmi note3 Pro without SMS for free.

For you a User Xiaomi Note 3 Pro that you want to do some changes to the System as Root or Install TWRP do so one of the conditions required in order to successfully is to Unlock the Bootloader first.

At this time the number of manufacturers Smartphone including Xiaomi improve assured in terms of Boot, but with the existence of this even make the state for some users that want to do on his Android.

Especially after do Unlock the Bootloader, user must wait for approximately 2 Week only to get the Unlock Code that sent via SMS. Don't Worry!! Because there are still many ways that we can do without the need to wait for SMS from Xiaomi to Unlock the Bootloader can be in the open.

As you know many once the tutorial to discuss is how to Unlock the Bootloader Redmi Note 3 Pro, but the tutorial is directed to receive SMS Messages From Xiaomi as a confirmation. Different from the case with the Tutorial that will be discussed here where to Unlock the Bootloader Redmi Note 3 Pro you do not need to wait for SMS confirmation that the dog would make you become Bete. For more details please you see the tutorial below :

How to unlock the bootloader redmi note 3 pro without sms.

The Tools needed :

Tutorial Unlock Bootloader Redmi Note 3 Pro

  1. Activate USB Mode Debugging on your Xiaomi Note 3 Pro.Then, Connect to a PC using data cable.
  2. Ekstrak file AnF.zip that you downloaded above
  3. In the folder that has been in the above extract, please you click Shift +Right click OPEN COMMAND HERE 
  4. In the CMD window is assumed the Command "adb devices" (without apostrophe) 
  5. Then assumed the command "adb reboot edl" Restart your device and Start to replace your drivers with "qshubs qloader 9008"
  6. Now extract the Fastboot Rome that you previously downloaded on the link above and make sure The file appears .tgz (if already .tgz does not need to extracting again)
  7. Then open Mi Flash
  8. Then open the Browse and search for ROM earlier you extract
  9. After that press on the icon of the arrow toward the bottom of its location,The file locations is the right of the browse button and select advanced
  10. The next stage please you follow the instructions as follow :
In the first section of the browse flashall.bat that located in ROM the results of the previous extract.
on the third choice browse prog_emmc_firehose_8976_ddr.mbn
In the seventh choice browse rawprogram0.xml
In the eighth choice browse patch0.xml
  • After the steps above is correct, Ekstrak UBL.zip (Unlock Bootloader)
  • Then copy to folder ROM Fastboot that you extracted
  • On Mi Flash, click Refresh Here will be read file name via Com Port No
  • Continue by clicking,flash Then the process of Flashing is walking. Wait and see. (If there is an error when Flash, please you restart Miflash and examine the steps above)
  • But if the process of flashing is successful, go to fastboot.
  • Run CMD.exe
  • In extracting the AnF.zip assumed the command : "fastboot oem defices-info" ENTER key on the keyboard and typing the command
  • To verify whether the successful do unlock assumed command as follows : fastboot oem defices-info
  • Congratulations!! Redmi Note 3 PRO has successfully to be unlocked
  • Unplug the USB cable from the PC and  Reboot
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